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At least for me, I have an easier time picking apps by the last screenshot than by its icon. I'd much rather have that.
I had one of these. Sold it for a palm III later on. Then I bought a Newton 2000 upgraded to a 2100. I have that still. For awhile I used that as inspiration for our product designs. In my collection of stuff it's my pride and joy.
Siri - Uses Apples servers. Just with the 4S we have times the servers can't handle it all. Adding iPhone 4 will just make it worse. Turn by turn - uses parts of Siri and Apple's servers more.
  How about Apple's servers? Also one carrier does not make it invalid when it may be the majority.
  Yes, Siri does work, but I believe the real reason they didn't put it on the 4 is because their servers couldn't handle it. 
  iOS 6 maps support traffic, routing, directions, and alternate routes. In fact it has better alternate routes than Google. So FUD on you.
  iOS 6 maps aren't released yet. Its in beta and they have 4-5 months to get it all taken care of. Now Apple's maps does have one thing over Googles - its easier to read because its not so chock full of info. Apple's map also has the same info - but you have to zoom in more. I filed a bug report on this asking for more detail at lower zooms. Have you? If you are a developer you would do that.
I only shoot in RAW. I just prefer the extra depth in color range to work with.
Some of the people commenting here don't have a clue about the actualities of what's going on. The ones who say "its Apple's rules, they know about it, blah, blah, blah" don't actually understand anything about this article. Apple's rules are that you can't have a buy link in your app if you don't also have a in-app purchase buy link. That's not what Dropbox is doing. And its not dropbox, but their SDK. And its not even a buy link anywhere except if you navigate their...
While true now, those apps were iPad only at first.
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