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While true now, those apps were iPad only at first.
For us prosumers who were comfortable with FCP7, but struggling and really wanting to like FCP X - is there a good guide I've missed on how to transition? Just basic operations I'm having issues with. I don't use it much but when I do its for work and I'd like to get to know it better. I end up jus using FCP 7 because I know it whereas I go into FCP X and futz around like an idiot for 10 minutes.
In case someone wonders what he's talking about: http://hints.macworld.com/article.ph...11118041933798
Prior art to 2000 when it was first granted (which means it was submitted in the 90s)?
And those of us 4 owners who see Siri and see the future and want a taste now.
Most likely there is a herd of engineers all sweating trying to finish their task so that the store can go online.
Ack, no. AT&T shows iPhone 4s in the upgrade screen, but then only old iPhone 4s in the device selector.
AT&T finally showed it...but the site is going slowly.
All I'm seeing is "We'll be back soon". I'm not seeing any pre-order availability at all yet. 2:15 AM CST.
Personally I think it makes sense. LTE chip sets are not near being usable yet. The iPhone 5 may already be ready, except for LTE. Sprint has had WiMax for a long time now so their chipsets are more mature. So give Sprint exclusive iPhone 5 access for 6 months - that lets LTE chipsets mature and then give AT&T and Verizon an iPhone 5 with a more mature LTE chipset. We already know there is no LTE iPhone coming until next year. So at best all this does is give Sprint a 4G...
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