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Prior art to 2000 when it was first granted (which means it was submitted in the 90s)?
And those of us 4 owners who see Siri and see the future and want a taste now.
Most likely there is a herd of engineers all sweating trying to finish their task so that the store can go online.
Ack, no. AT&T shows iPhone 4s in the upgrade screen, but then only old iPhone 4s in the device selector.
AT&T finally showed it...but the site is going slowly.
All I'm seeing is "We'll be back soon". I'm not seeing any pre-order availability at all yet. 2:15 AM CST.
Personally I think it makes sense. LTE chip sets are not near being usable yet. The iPhone 5 may already be ready, except for LTE. Sprint has had WiMax for a long time now so their chipsets are more mature. So give Sprint exclusive iPhone 5 access for 6 months - that lets LTE chipsets mature and then give AT&T and Verizon an iPhone 5 with a more mature LTE chipset. We already know there is no LTE iPhone coming until next year. So at best all this does is give Sprint a 4G...
If its done on device then heck yeah - it would require a MUCH faster CPU than the A4.
milliseconds? When I do it on my Nexus it takes 2-4 seconds to work over Wifi with a fast internet connection. And half the time it spits out the wrong text. Yes Android is at least doing it and I commend them for that. But what the video above showed and what Android does is not even on the same playing field. Android looks like broken sticks again compared to the video showing what's purportedly on the iPhone 5.
So consider this. Apple makes in-app purchases 5%. Then developers who currently sell their apps instead make them free with most features locked until an in-app purchase unlocks the functionality. All of a sudden they just worked around Apple's 30% fee for apps and only pay 5%. That's the reason why in-app purchases are 30%.
New Posts  All Forums: