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I don't think anyone has to worry about Java. OS X may not ship with Java anymore but Apple moved its Java stuff to someone else to handle it. They already handle it for other platforms.
There are aspects of the MS Tools that are nice. And if you just touch XCode a little and don't use it day in and day out and LEARN it, then you could be forgiven for thinking that MS Tools are miles ahead. But I used MS Tools - everything from eMbedded Visual C++ to Visual Studio 2008 full time for 10 years. I've worked with the WP7 toolset. Its not much better. XCode 4 is miles ahead, but then I've taken the time to learn it.
Get a developer account and go look at the Lion SDK notes. Its not like Apple would put that kind of stuff on the user-focused home page..
I find it funny that he calls you that name, yet I think he fits the definition of it by his actions, by his talking about it on a public forum, and by his ignorance.
Then I'm afraid you'll be sorely disappointed. Honeycomb's web browsing experience is a poor clone of Safari's. Not only does it feel slower, but it doesn't work that well. So if you'll be spending your time mostly in Chrome...I'm sorry.
Not to be the NDA thrower-arounder ... but Lion is a Dev preview. Shouldn't you be talking about it only on the Dev Forums?
Funny, I hit PDFs and web content that could certainly use a dual core CPU on my phone. Even on my iPhone 4 I hit lots of content that becomes almost so slow as to drive me to get up, walk across the room to my desktop! Isn't that insane? (I'm being funny and serious at the same time).
Guys - its $539 with a contract. $799 without a contract. iPad has no contract...
Here is the deal. We don't know what Amazon will do. We don't know what Apple will do. One major problem is the rule as written is too vague. My big issue is that we're even having to talk about this. It hurts Apple. Do you know how many people now think less of Apple? That hurts their sales. If that happens, it hurts me both as a user and developer. That's my beef with the whole shoddy mess.
Yes, I rarely ever read a book on my iPhone. But I do on my iPad. I hate reading on my Mac. In fact nobody I know uses desktop reading software - they all use the iPad or Kindle devices.
New Posts  All Forums: