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Thanks for telling us what this Trojan horse, or virus, supposedly does. Solid reporting.
"So much for the anti-Apple comments that the FLA wouldn't find anything wrong simply because Apple was paying for the audit." Exactly. And with that, Apple shall be absolved.
That's not bad. I run at 98.6 myself.
Thank God! Apple IS perfect after all...
That is so awesome...
When I was a child, I was upset if I couldn't have something I wanted "right now". As a young person, I was anxious to get my heart's desire as soon as possible. As an adult with a fairly rich array of interests and activities to pursue, I read something like this and feel like I live in a country of children, excited about a mock Christmas waiting to get their toys. It is rather sad in it's shallowness, actually.
Applebot zombies. It is quite sad.
Hahaha, that booze photo is hysterical. "Look at my collection of crappy alcohol". Looks like something a teenager might assemble over his senior year of H.S.
A "highly ambitious rumor"? That is simply embarrassingly bad writing.
Makes sense. Why give the Applebots more than you have to when they are already bragging about selling their IP2s on ebay so they have cash to buy the new model? It's not like anybody else is going to top this and steal Apple's thunder. Drip, drip, drip. Apple releases tech at the rate that maximizes profit, not consumer value. And as a rational capitalist, I cannot blame them! Plus, the A6 will be even more awesome when they finally feel compelled to release...
New Posts  All Forums: