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My iMac was unexpectedly delivered yesterday. I ordered on February 7th and got it on March 4th. Not too bad actually.
I remember the imac's display as clear and sharp at optimum resolution (1024x768). it is true that the display seems very blurry at other resolutions (800x600 or even 640x480). maybe the imac you saw wasn't set to optimum resolution... but who needs the smaller resolutions really? i actually even find the 1024x768 res a bit too small.
seems i'm the last one waiting...i orderet my imac on 7th of february and the staff of the store says i'm gonna wait for another 25 days....f*ck. [ 02-27-2002: Message edited by: freeman ]

thanks, cosmic trigger. but i think i would rather not buy this , because i don't need a 500Mhz in my old machine with slow RAM and a graphics card that maybe wouldn't fit. in some weeks (ugh, Switzerland is far away from cupertino :eek: ) i'll have my new imac....i can't stand this f***ing PC i'm now writing this on.
ugh...wouldn't do that if i was you, O and A. but well...at least we all will know if that's possible. so do us a favour lookin forward to hearing from your imac operation! [Chilling]
hey, thanks for your replies. in this case i won't let repair the machine. would have been nice to have two machines in a network at home, the iMac Rev A still ran UnrealTournament quite well... i'll take the harddrive out and try to make a backup on a G3 blue&white of a friend. anyone interested in a "GameWizzard Voodoo2" graphics card or 160 Megs of 66Mhz-RAM?
i've got a problem with my old iMac (Rev.A). When i used it for a long time a day (say 8 hours or more) the monitor began to flicker. sometimes the monitor even shut down for some seconds and came again. when i once restarted the imac, there was a spark noise and the computer now completely refuses to start up. well, i'm on a pc of a buddy now, and i'm waiting for my new iMac G4, but it would really be nice if the old iMac would work again. anyone knows this problem?
[quote] murbot: I bought mine at $215 and it's sitting here waiting for my iMac to arrive. Word was that RAM was going to be going up again, so I grabbed it...
ouch...you're fooled...can't you give it back and buy a new one at the lower price?
torifile, why do you think the AAPL goes down again so quickly? Apple had many preorders of the iMac (way more than 150000) and i think the financial results for this quarter will be very good. you should better buy NOW!
nice! i'll have to wait a bit longer...when did you order?
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