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It's time to stop the phone-anorexia craze. They're thin enough already. - a "D"-shaped connector is stupid. It's just breakage waiting to happen. And this is one of the reasons that I prefer 90-degree headphone jacks to straight ones. - a thinner phone is no better. It's already slimmer than my wallet
Interesting to see that switchers from Win phone were two to Android for each one to iPhone. It would be interesting to know more about this - is it just price ? Then again, the population is *very* small.
That might be so, but I don't think so. Remember - this isn't emulation but on-the-fly cross-compile. And the OS and all Apple apps will be native ARM code. I remember that, during the PPC > x86 transition, Rosetta apps were a bit slower but not unacceptably so. In my mind, the biggest issue is the UI. You would need a precise pointing device, such as a trackpad or mouse, rather than relying purely on touch. The targets are just too small for fingers to work well.
Heck no. The article said that the CPU performance is already comparable to Intel i5 in 13" MBP and MS Surface Pro 4. Single-core is as good, multi-core gives up a bit. The single-core number is the important one for most uses. I am certain that Apple has OS X-on-ARM running in the labs, in the same way that it had been running on Intel long before the PowerPC->x86 switch. Apple licensed Rosetta and that's now owned by IBM, so I suspect that it could be relicensed>...
The best upgrade for iPad Pro would be to run OS X. Dual-boot, if you like. I would buy one in a heartbeat.
I wonder how long it will be before Apple releases the dual-boot option so that this hardware can run either iOS or OS X. From what I can tell, the hardware power is there. It'll need more than 128 GB though.
 Thanks - that could quite well be the case. As you say, that's not at all where the administration is now.
You make a good point.But it's worth remembering that Apple has said that developers should not be using corecrypto directly but instead use the higher-level APIs.  If a developer wants to be silly enough to use DES then he[she] will do that - the code's available and it doesn't matter a great deal whether it's Apple's or roll-your-own. Stupid is as stupid does.  But there are still  a few places where these old, deprecated algorithms need to be used for dealing with old...
Actually you don't know what you're talking about. It's past time to put the tinfoil hat away. 1. the "Obama administration" has not said that it would develop a framework to include backdoor access2. there is no mechanism by which "the government" [in the U.S.] can force Apple to include to include some particular framework or other If you dispute the accuracy of either of these two (2) statements then explain why - including links for the statement(s) and the legal...
I can't imagine any scenario where this could be viewed as a move of appeasement to the U.S. Government. Quite the contrary. Remember that crypto - in general - is STILL regarded as "munitions" and regulated under arms control export regulations.  There might be a small element of "help developers provide even stronger encryption" but it would be quite small. The algorithms used are well-known to all in the community and those doing research would probably not be using...
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