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It will be interesting to see Apple's results in a couple of weeks, especially given recent profit warning from Samsung. Having lots of market share may be good but not making much money is bad. That's Samsung's conundrum today - their flagship Galaxy S5 has not sold all that well (starting out with a two-for-one deal at some carriers). My guess is that iPhone 5s, and even the "failed" 5c, will show impressive numbers.   The story for this current quarter (Q3, Apple's...
These ads have an impact, unfortunately. I am reminded of a comment from a Professor, long ago ... "Proof by repeated assertion". That's Samsung!
Nor do I. But that hasn't stopped EU from similar actions in the past.
I can see their point about wanting to "reverse the ratchet".   But I remember the spelling as "ratsh*t"
Serious OOPS in the article.   The deadline is July 30. Next Monday is June 30.   The Commission will decide by the end of NEXT month, not THIS month (this month being "June").
No it won't. The encryption in question is between servers. Google has access to the unencrypted copy of gmail, obviously. On its own gmail servers it can scan and insert ads all it wants to.
Cloud Player doesn't play what Amazon announced today. It only does what I have purchased from Amazon, and what I have locally.  If there's an update then it's not yet available though the app (I checked). Amazon's site says that it is available for Macs (and Windows etc) but does not explain how. [just went back and checked again] Hhmm. Amazon auto-updated "Amazon Cloud Player" to "Amazon Music" even though I had not requested auto-updtae. Bad bad.
Bingo. This is why I'm puzzled about iTunes Radio for mobile (I listen to it a lot, but at home). You'll use 1 GB in ten hours which, with a one-hour commute (each way) is one week. So 4 GB in a month. Data plans are pricey for that much. What would make this better (since I have a 64GB iPhone with lots of music) is "iTunes Genius Radio". This would use the "radio" logic to select what to play -- from the library on my iPhone. It would use a bit of data but not much since...
There are lots of "radio" stations available through iTunes. It used to be called "radio" but that switched when iTunes Radio came along. Now it's labeled "Internet".   Lots of stations from U.S. and elsewhere.
Same kind of foolery happens within the U.S. as well. That's why all of Microsoft's software sales are "recognized" in Nevada -- no tax. Apple might do the same - I don't know.
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