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This is an excellent move. Well done, Apple !
 Actually, I don't think that is the case. The copyright lawyers will - not surprisingly and quite reasonably - insist that BBC receive appropriate revenue for its content. Up until now that has meant that it was available only in the UK where most people have paid the license fee. But with the new Apple TV (and other similar things) there's a better delivery mechanism than browser+Flash (ugh). It will be possible for BBC to offer, for example, a full range of BBC...
The BBC isn't mostly funded through taxes, although you may be right that it's predominantly taxpayers who pay - but not through general taxes. Most funding comes from the TV license fee that is payable if you own a TV and watch live programs. Obviously, those who live outside the UK have not paid this fee (excepting some who live part of the year inside and part outside the UK - not a very large group).
I agree with the "lack of retailers" sentiment. At Home Depot, it works for Visa but not for MasterCard (go figure). The local grocery chain doesn't support it at all (nor are the chip-readers yet active). Costco doesn't (likewise - their terminals don't accept even their own co-branded Amex chip cards).
The GPS issue has been thrashed to death so I'll let that be. But there's another, less common background battery hog.   That's "Voice Memos". Obviously it has to run while you're recording - d'oh. But it continues to chew battery even when you stop. In my case, it took the battery from ~90% to zero in six or eight hours. While it was ASLEEP (having pressed the power button to put to sleep). That was with iOS 8 - I haven't tried that scenario yet with iOS 9.   I just...
I bet that next year South Korea will be on the list of first-day countries for iPhone 7.
Hhmmm. Looking just now at the specs, the base new iMac has quad-core i5 whereas the Mini is only dual-core. So I guess that the quad i7 has the same connection (no actual "socket" though). Would be nice if the Minis went all-quad (i5 or i7) wouldn't it !
So when do we get the quad-core i7 as a BTO option for the Mini ??
"Creating an intentional backdoor in digital communications might simply make it easier to discover create exploits."   There, fixed it for you.
Not when it comes to privacy. Other things - yes. But not privacy.
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