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Majority investment, maybe. But I fear for us all if Apple buys and decides to run an ISP service, with or without TV/cable.  Using iCloud service quality as a measure, and remembering .Mac and MobileMe predecessors, this would be a disaster. Google seems to be doing OK with gmail - it gives me much less problem than iCloud.
In this specific case it makes a lot of sense because Dish has quite a bit of spectrum that would help T-Mobile fill its coverage gaps.
There are NO "subsidies". What there has been is a hidden, often mandatory loan from the carrier to pay for the phone over the life of the contract (e.g. AT&T's iPhone contracts during their period of exclusivity). Separating the phone price and the service price is a good thing. But before AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson claims all the credit for this shift he needs to remember that he wasn't the one that instigated it - that was T-Mobile's John Legere.
So we're supposed to pay $10/month AND huge data fees for streaming. Along with intermittent connectivity. Does anyone else think that this is a good idea? Gee, Apple, I do not think so. That is certainly not part of MY plan.
Simplest solution for Apple right now would be to exit the e-books market.   That would automatically remove Bromwich and all the other cruft.   I don't think they're making enough money to justify continued involvement in e-books.
So ...  you'd rather see Wall Street manage its own ethics ?? "Criminal institution" is harsh. Not "incompetent" or "useless". Do you happen to have any evidence to support the "criminal" charge you lay ??
Without contradicting your point, Apple does buy and retire shares but is also issues new ones for, let's say, a new VP of Retail and Online Stores. As well as stock options for lots of other employees. I believe that the net is still a reduction but it's not as much as first appears.
And for pennies on the dollar. Lots of people were steamed at the deal. Deal/steal of the decade.
The answer - you can't buy yourself. Apple can continue to buy back more of its own shares but each time that happens the remaining ones become more valuable and therefore more expensive.  And I believe that the SEC also has rules about the extent of share buybacks - possibly to thwart exact this type of move.
Sorry, but "No", as this week's Court decision showed. Border Patrol officer shot a Mexican kid standing across the border (i.e. kid was in Mexico, officer in the U.S.). The family sued but the Appeals Court ruled that Constitutional protections do not apply because he was not in the U.S. nor a U.S. citizen or resident. Mexican in Mexico - no Constitutional rights for you !!
New Posts  All Forums: