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So if you want to set up design + build for "Australia's Own Phone" - go right ahead. I hear that there's a site in Fisherman's Bend and another in SA that'll be available soon.
 No. BUT - Apple Ireland has been paying its share of R&D costs (mostly in California) since 1980. As such, Apple Ireland does have a valid claim to the revenues produced by that investment. As it is right now, Apple Ireland contributes more to Apple's R&D expenses than Apple US, since their sales are greater. So - Is it [OS development] done in Ireland? No.Is it paid for from Ireland? Yes. Next question ...
I don't have access to the AFRs analysis or to the records Apple provided ATO.   It is certainly undeniable that Apple has been create in its tax accounting. It uses the "double-Irish-Dutch" scheme and some have said that it invented it. That, however, is beside the point.   A crucial point - almost always overlooked in sensational media releases such as these, is that thirty years ago Apple took a bold step in its development strategy. One that has paid off in this...
Indeed - page-clicks being the name of the game. Having "Apple" in the headline boosts them a lot.
I like iTunes Radio and got Match for the ad-free-ness. But what's with the incessant "You're listening to iTunes Radio" things. Mostly once, but sometimes more. Even six and seven times !! WTF
I'm surprised that it wasn't higher !
Analysts are like donuts - fat with a hole in the middle. They think that Apple will ditch the Mac in favor of iPads. How then, dear analysts, do you think that any iPad or iPhone apps would be developed ?? Would Apple license OS X to run, say, on Dell or HP machines ?? Get a clue, people. Rule #1: start brain before putting mouth in gear.
And the U.S. one comes with 48 month/50,000 mile warranty, including all servicing.
"The supplier just told you that because they like violating Apple's Nondisclosure clause." Maybe, maybe not. It could just be that the supplier said to Canonical "Sorry, the proposed deal is off, the production has been sold" without identifying the buyer. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who would be paying large sacks of money for sapphire screens.
True. But it can't pull out the copper. As ILEC it still has to support those services. AT&T's recent FCC filing is an attempt to undo this, and some other things such as switch ti IP-based backbone. I'm OK with the IP backbone but we need to complain loudly about ILECs being to dump their responsibilities by switching from copper to something else (fiber, wireless, etc).
New Posts  All Forums: