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There is no point for Apple to strip stuff out of x86. If they want full x86 then stay with it. Maybe the reason is being able to run BootCamp, maybe not - I don't know.  One thing of which I am sure is that Apple would have no interest in doing a Franken-x86, with some of the stuff but not all. What would be the benefit? A whole bunch of stuff - not just Windows - wouldn't run and there would be endless arguments as to who was to blame. It's just not worth going there....
Repeat after me: OS X is NOT iOS, OS X is NOT iOS, OS X is NOT iOS. Got it? There is no reason to expect any iOS apps to run on a Mac. Macs use OS X and that's not the same as iOS. There are similarities but they are NOT the same. Do NOT equate "ARM" and "iOS". They are orthogonal. Macs could be built using ARM but that does NOT mean that they would run iOS apps.
ARM was set up for licensing, and they never did their own fabrication. Intel is totally different.  On the flip side, for me personally I love that I can run Windows on my Macs. It's mandatory for me that it is able to do that. Running ARM with x86-emulation is going to suck, if it is even an option technically. I love macs, but for non-mobile devices, it's gonna be a Windows world.If you have to be able to run Windows then I agree that x86 is in your future. OTOH, I need...
An iOS-based Mac would be a Very Bad Thing. The primary reason for this is that the user experience is quite different, in ways that we tend to forget. Specifically, the user access to the file system is application-based (all the files for an app are stored in the app's folder) whereas OS X gives the user the ability to mix'n'match what app accesses which files. Totally different UI paradigm. Now, I can well see an ARM-powered MBA. All Apple's apps would be fat-binary...
I have and like the Apple wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard for use with iPad.   What I want is the ability to pair a Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse as well. Then we'd have something that works like a laptop when needed and is still an iPad.   Reaching up to the screen to select things is just bad -- Steve knew this and said so more than once. A Mouse or Trackpad is a better way to go if you're using a BT keyboard.
It's not so bad if you have a couple of backups. But not so cool if it's your only one.
My guess is that it was fairly simple. Apple was requesting planning approval for a very large and important project, and wanted to project its best image to the local review board. Actions such as this are very helpful in getting those people on your side. Dismantling and rebuilding the barn will cost a bit but that's noise in comparison to the cost of the whole project.
 Oh, c'mon folks. Is there no creativity left ?? "Apple sails, Samsung flails" There. Done.
I suspect that there's manipulation going on, just like we saw two years ago when it was driven down from 700 to close the year at exactly 500. Which was where the options were set. There's no reason I've seen that would cause the stock to drop from 119 three weeks ago to 108 now. Even rebalancing portfolios (which happens at this time of year) doesn't explain a 10% drop. So I am suspecting manipulation.
Credit cards are as fast (maybe faster) if they have PayPass/payWave. If you have to swipe AND SIGN then they're a lot slower.
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