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No update yet for iTunes Match. Grrr. The space available for music is way too small.
Thanks for the info. It's unfortunate that there isn't a way to increase the limit. This actually is quite a pain, and largely because of secondary effects. I don't really need iTunes Match for its music-in-the-cloud ability although that is sometimes useful. My reason for it is so that iTunes Radio is ad-free. But once you exceed the 25K limit, new music doesn't upload. OK. But if you try to edit info for any of it there are nag-alerts telling you that they haven't...
Will the 5 GB work for iTunes Match as well? The current limit is a real pain.
>solicitations other than politicians campaigning. >Apparently they are not restricted by Do Not Call for some reason Because they exempted themselves from the law. because they can.
Heh - I still have some in an IRA at $24. Downside is that I don't have more As far as price goes - in most cases the "real price" rises after a split. So AAPL might be $624 today but could be close to $100 after the 7/1 split. Doesn't always happen but I suspect it will with Apple because there will be more in the market at the lower split price. High price-per-share does keep people out of the market and that is often deliberate. Berkshire Hathaway is an excellent...
Maybe, just maybe, instead of spending effort on Revel, Adobe could expend some effort on fixing its existing stuff. Hope. Hope.
Yet another Amazon dumb move. Recent score: 2/2
I am not sure if "miss" is the right word here. But I am sure that they notice his absence.
It's all to do with "presence". So FaceTime is broken as well - at least for me
You're not alone in thinking that you needed an Apple product to get an AppleID. Many folks share the same belief and perhaps at one time it was true, but not now. However, unless I'm mistaken, you DO need an Apple product to get an AppleID with an iCloud email address. To clarify: anyone can get an AppleID with, say, a gmail address. But to get an AppleID with an iCloud address, you need to do it from an Apple device. Not only that - there is a lifetime limit of three...
New Posts  All Forums: