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Our government is nowhere near broke. In case you hadn't noticed, the deficit is waaaayyy down from where it was just after the collapse. It's true that there is still a deficit (last surplus we had was under Clinton) but it's manageable. The biggest unfunded liabilities we have are the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Those have sucked funds out of everything else we should be doing, such as roads and bridges. 
Most are already paying income tax. In fact, probably paying more than they need to. That's because they have tax withheld but usually don't file a return and get a refund. 
Who are you kidding ?? Do you think that Apple gets a big pile or Euros and stuffs them under a mattress? Big mattress, I'll admit. No - that money is invested. Apple doesn't tell us where or how, but it certainly is working. For Apple shareholders.
No groaning at all. We understand it all too well. And we understand that it does not work. The (recent) start of trickle-down was in the early 80's, and the difference in economic performance between the 1% and the 99% since then is inescapable.  The "moving our country forward" is clearly optional. Have you been totally blind to the jobs that have been offshore during the past twenty years??  That "the Government does not function as well as a business" is a common chant...
What's the "bleeding out" part? This is money that has never been here.
Maybe Apple could just buy IDC and close it down ? The price wouldn't be even at the level of "rounding error" for Apple.
Try not to think. But the answer is "most of them". Ever wonder why Home Depot was hacked months after Target ? Management incompetence is only partly to blame. Did you ever wonder what OS was running the devices targeted by Stuxnet? *slaps forehead*
You are right. It will be the year of the goat. The open question is which will be the goat: Tim or quinney
As I see it, Apple took a while to shake out the bugs. Doing that in the U.S. makes a lot of sense (known territory, close contact, same time zone, etc). Now is the time that international rollouts are starting.  I was not surprised to see UK high on the list. But the brain-dead bankers there may have done you a favour by pushing back on the basis that "Apple gets too much customer information". Maybe zombies are running banking in UK now ?? If this insanity remains in...
Being in Canada for a week skiing, I have tried to use Apple Pay at a couple of places.   So far with zero success ( and these are for cards I've used with AP in U.S.)   Even at a checkout that had PayPass/paywave. And that accepted a physical card waved at it.   Maybe Canadian Tire wants to slow down their checkout process ??
New Posts  All Forums: