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 I sent it, you have it. You have just chosen to ignore it. Enjoy your bliss.
 You're also free to believe that the earth is flat. Evidence indicates otherwise, as it does here. Enjoy your beliefs.
Dasan: I don't have to spoon-feed you, you know. I said press reports and you asked for them. So I went and found them for you.  OK - I'll give you two more. Is "The Verge" independent enough for you? Which smartwatch should you buy?http://www.theverge.com/2014/7/25/5937835/android-wear-pebble-smartwatch-buying-guide Choice quote: "...but it's likely that far better things are right around the corner, and the smart move might just be to wait for those." Meta Watch's...
No - because that's where I went to find them.  It would be a bit rude, for example, to post links to The Mac Observer, MacRumors and thaw on AppleInsider's site, wouldn't it. But have a look and you'll find similar ones on all of them. 
D'oh. Do you think they will create a Press Release saying that they're copying, or rushing to market? Not even Samsung is that stupid. But I said "press reports" and not "press releases" from makers. If you want those, here are a few I found with a couple of minutes of Google ... With Apple's 'iWatch' around the corner, Wellograph releases sapphire...
No. On press reports.
Because several companies rushed devices to market between the time the rumors tilted to "likely" and when Apple Watch was announced. The tech press at the time was quite clear about the sequence - just go back and look at August/September articles.
In the specific case of the Apple Watch, that's EXACTLY what happened. But not in this one.
That will be interesting to watch. However it seems that Samsung is using an existing supplier so maybe the patent issue is solved? I don't know but it certainly could be "fun".
Actually, no. TouchID arrived with iPhone 5s in September 2013. That's over a year ago. An "age" in Internet time.
New Posts  All Forums: