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No. I didn't hear that. I think it's worse.
Not necessarily. Lots of things work differently when you embiggen them.  But, to your point, GTAT did not have much experience using even their smaller furnaces. A very serious lack of production experience and it is amazing to me that Apple didn't "get" that right away.
No question of that. I expect that several people at Apple will soon be, or are already, working elsewhere. But the problem touches the highest levels of management. I presume that Tim Cook had to sign off on a deal this big. What was he told about it? Maybe. I agree that this is a lot better than it had appeared earlier. But I am still interested to see just what the "onerous conditions" were.  Apple drives a hard bargain but it  knows that, for it to make great products,...
Interesting details, and very informative.   The question that someone in the upper ranks of Apple management has to answer is: why partner with a company that has no track record of production? They were great at building furnaces, it would appear, but not at using them. At least, not the big ones.   So why did Apple go this route rather than finding a company that had experience, and maybe doing a three-way deal?   It seems to me that there are a lot of problems on...
Guys, you really do need to get a grip on reality. You aren't there yet. 1. the government can regulate and tax however it wants. No "utility" designation needed2. if you think that all government is bad, then read this American's description of his experience in France.http://venturebeat.com/2014/11/12/what-france-has-taught-me-americans-are-suckers-who-have-themselves-to-blame-for-crappy-broadband/3. if you think that AT&T and Verizon have your best interests at heart,...
"In related news, the Wall Street Journal reported today that introduction of the new iPhone 7 was being delayed because of "production problems' with the sapphire lenses."  
Please remember that the cables use public property to go from place to place. Verizon, AT&T and their friends got permission to run their cables using the benefits of Title II (and various similar rules and regulation on utilities). So the public does have an interest. The cables are not 100% private.
Source, please. Without a reliable one, I'm calling "bogus" on this.
I find it interesting that some very new cards no longer have the numbers embossed on the face. So you can't use them with the old-style "clomper" machines that take a physical impression. The number is etched on the back and that's it. 
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