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Apple's P/E presently is 16.74 - quite definitely in the middle range. Microsoft is 18.40.  Those dividends are nice indeed. 
I don't know the exact numbers as they can only be deduced from financial data. There are lots of details in this later article How Apple, Inc. went thermonuclear on Samsung, erasing Android's primary profit center http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/10/30/how-apple-inc-went-thermonuclear-on-samsung-erasing-androids-primary-profit-center- One quote: "Samsung doesn't always get full retail price for its phones, frequently offering buy-one-get-one offers to drive volume...
Maybe. But sometimes they have strange ideas. Almost for certain. And Google had the opportunity to continue the relationship with Maps, and decided to keep the best parts for itself. So Apple built its own version, cutting off a nice revenue stream for Google. If I understand it correctly, Google was making more from iOS than from Android. And Microsoft certainly is making more from Android than is Google. Weird, indeed.
I will bet that Samsung is getting nowhere near "full retail price". The carriers are getting a very substantial discount on these phones - especially since they're not selling very well. Samsung is being paid but not full list. And that part of the reason their profits are down so much.
True. But a 74% drop is not to be ignored. I do think it is clear that Samsung did not know. It's true there were no leaks, but Samsung's reaction to the announcement indicates that they were blindsided.
Apple does have a credit card number. And that's subject to credit-card rules for unauthorized use. But no debit card, or ACH access. And certainly not my SSN 
Have made - yes. Still making - not so much. Lots of revenue, not much profit. Nor do I. But "lots of revenue and not much profit" is not a good long-term strategy. That's another division. They're making the chips that Apple designs (and other standardized chips). Remember - Samsung did not know that Samsung was making 64-bit chips until Apple actually announced them on-stage. This was an Apple design and Samsung was just doing the fab work.
Very true My belief is that NeXT actually bought Apple for minus $400 million. This become clearer if you look at who the execs were in the years immediately following.
Any bets on how long it will be before we see "Samsung Pay" ?   With "improved print recognition" ?
Fair enough. But having to give up your SSN and driver license info as part of the deal ? For their big-database-in-the-cloud ??I do not share your "good opinion" vibe. I'm not criticizing others for it - but it's not for me.
New Posts  All Forums: