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It may that lack of license codes is a problem. Or it may not, depending upon the details of how Apple does this. Although the guidelines do not include it, Steve's slides clearly said that a purchase is valid for all the Macs a person owns, and not just one. Obviously they will check on this somehow, possibly with an AppleID or similar thing that validates you in the app store. That's not very different from Pixelmator - they allow you to have it on all your...
Will it sync a Kin too ??
Actually, there isn't any sugar in Coke. High-fructose-corn-syrup, but no sugar. That changes around Passover, by the way. Sugar is kosher, HFCS is not. And kosher Coke is rather expensive.
Google didn't sell out to Verizon. They built Android and hoped that makers and carriers would do good things. Some did. Verizon didn't. Although I'd like Android to succeed as an OS, I fear that the Balkanization has killed it. All that's missing is the coffin. Pity
CDMA vs. GSM is not the issue. It's Verizon's determination to control the phone experience vs. Apple's determination to control the phone experience. For a review of Verizon's experience, read this morning's Washington Post review I love this snippet ...
Prophecy is false. Steve B can't possibly last until 2015.
I think any Microsoft-related product whose name begins with "Kin" has an uphill battle. Let's ask Mr Tsunoda in January just how well his prediction held up. Should be interesting, but let's wait and see.
Make the box too small and your "inventory shrinkage" will increase a lot
BFD. Any interest in this died years ago
No reason to kill a good-seller unless you have a better one. The new iPods are nice but none come close to Classic in capacity. My library won't fit on any of the flash-based ones (64 max) Yes - I have a nano and like it for certain things, but the Classic holds everything. I expect it will be here for many years. Until there's something better.
New Posts  All Forums: