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And the U.S. one comes with 48 month/50,000 mile warranty, including all servicing.
"The supplier just told you that because they like violating Apple's Nondisclosure clause." Maybe, maybe not. It could just be that the supplier said to Canonical "Sorry, the proposed deal is off, the production has been sold" without identifying the buyer. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who would be paying large sacks of money for sapphire screens.
True. But it can't pull out the copper. As ILEC it still has to support those services. AT&T's recent FCC filing is an attempt to undo this, and some other things such as switch ti IP-based backbone. I'm OK with the IP backbone but we need to complain loudly about ILECs being to dump their responsibilities by switching from copper to something else (fiber, wireless, etc).
True. The FCC seems to have been very good with keeping details secure - to its considerable credit. My understanding was that that, as well as the closed-lab testing, there was also a lot of necessarily-outside testing that had to be done (not sure if that was carrier-only or carrier+FCC). Whatever the reason, I don't see a similar scenario with Apple TV. This story seems to me more like a click-seeker.
The months-long gap does make this rumor really suspect. And the reason that there was a long gap in the case of the iPhone launch doesn't hold up. That was primarily because a lot of testing was necessary for FCC certification, and carrier performance tuning. Apple believed (correctly it would seem) that it would be impossible to keep iPhone secret with that much outside exposure with so many people. So it was announced five months before availability. I can't see any...
Too little improvement over iWork for the too much money I expect MS to charge. Oh, and too late, too. I think that MS has now figured out that Windows is not the future of Microsoft. And important part, certainly, but it's not the "big deal". Office could have been that but MS spent too long protecting Windows and now too many people have moved on.
>" ... the Wall Street Journal is probably the most respected newspaper in the world ..." That was then. It's under new ownership now. The rules changed.
Rather than have turkeys install these things at exorbitant cost, just specify the cable you want and where it is to run. Have them terminate it in boxes (probably required for code in your area). Then add the devices you need. And have them run some empty pipe (1 1/2" plumbing pipe works well) with cord through it so you can add more stuff later.
Article says ..."The service is free, but requires setting up an iCloud account and locking the device with a passcode" but Apple's info pages don't mention the passcode thing. They do say that activating "Lost mode" for a phone allows you to set a passcode that's needed to unlock it, but that's a different thing. Does anyone know whether a regular passcode (or TouchID on iPhone 5s) is required to be turned on for Activation Lock to be effective?
Unlocked - me too. I know T-Mobile gets unlocked after 41 days (if you ask) but I'm traveling in 2 weeks. I guess I'll have to stay with the 5
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