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Coming. Check out https://squareup.com/emv
I heard that they were participating with Apple as a payment processor. That's not competing with Apple but working with the Apple Pay system. If they do this then they might be successful, especially with mobile terminals (think: places without wired network infrastructure)
Talk to Square. I have heard that they have a solution under way.
It's actually worse than that. It's not just the rates - but the liability. If a bank doesn't issue chip cards - it is liable (come October 2015). If a merchant doesn't have chip-capable terminals - it is liable. Word travels quickly so that merchant will have a lot of - ahem - "business". To your point - Europe has shown the advantage of chip+PIN. So I am at a loss as to why the U.S. is doing chip+sign. It's not that terminals don't have number pads - almost all have them...
Very true. Unlike the "CurrentC" system coming from WalMart, BestBuy and others which cuts the existing players out of the system. Yes - I expect so. The rollout hasn't been announced there and I expect that Apple will keep it U.S.-only for a short time while they work out the inevitable early bugs. But then it will be very quick because of the existing infrastructure, as you say.
I lined up for three hours at the Apple Store on launch day, before they said they were sold out. Most went to China, from what I could see(*)   Then tried to buy a full-price one at the T-Mobile Store nearby. They had in stock the one I wanted but would not sell it without a plan or contract.   Sorry Mr Legere -- you lost the sale right there. I now have one on a different carrier.   * funniest thing in the line was a lady with a Samsung Galaxy phone (3, maybe 4)...
Definitely should be an option.
I would like this feature to also send "last known location" when it is powered down, even if the battery still has charge.    Edit: just turned it on for my iPhone
No. If it's a certain size then it's that size. It's not "a times 32-bits" vs. "b times 64-bits". It's the certain number of bits, bytes or whatever - regardless of the width.
As I understand it, Apple Pay IS available to developers. It's "raw NFC" that is not available - at least, not yet.
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