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Obviously not ALL PCs. I think what he meant here is that a lot of PCs due for replacement are being replaced with iPads, and some with new PCs. The decline in the PC market bears this out.
Partly. Apple reports sales that it can track, and not inventory in the channel as many others do. Sales at Apple stores or Apple's online store are actual sales. Shipments to reseller stores are, I believe, counted as sales. Shipments to distributors (Ingram, etc) are NOT sales.  So I think that iPhones on a boat or in a warehouse are not yet "sold". The ones, say, at your local Verizon store are "sold".
It might be that Samsung did not seek indemnity but that Google offered it.
I continue to be puzzled by the lackluster sales of the Mac Mini. I have one with Fusion drive and it's great (bumping up memory also helps). It's nice with the two 23" Apple displays too - plenty of screen space.
I don't understand why anyone is falling for these "fast update" programs. Over $3000 for two years - that's just INSANE. I paid full price ($849) for my iPhone 5s and two years of T-Mobile $30/mo. comes to $720. For $1569 grand total (plus the tax, I guess, not included there). Guess some folks got more money than sense.
No amount of money is "irreparable harm". I'm not sure if it's in the definition, but the essence of irreparable harm is that which can NOT be compensated for by money. Such as one's personal reputation, or the market position of a business.. Consider this thought-experiment:  RSA. Many have criticized it lately for its alleged involvement with the NSA. And its reputation has certainly suffered as a result of these allegations. Now consider what might happen if RSA...
My guess - based upon nothing other than the sequence of press reports - is that Apple has assigned a less-adversarial interface person to work with the somewhat-restricted Bromwich while the appeal is in play. His pay may still be way-out-of-line but that can be dealt with later. Apple might win that, or not, but now is not the time for that fight. His scope of operation would appear to be much more concentrated on the issues at trial and his ability to dig into...
I hear that investor lawsuits are being prepared too. So Samsung's legal problems might not be over for a while.
My car already has all the windows it needs.
Gates indeed has done that, and that's good. Every time people use this to defend Microsoft's behavior, I just remind that that Bill is giving away YOUR money.
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