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@rjc999 - useful comments but remember a couple of variations: 1. "Sooner or later the App Store's advantages in content will be eroded." It possibly has been already, in terms of titles and overall ability. But Apple's store is curated and Android stores are not. I, for one, do not want AV stuff on my phone killing the battery. 2. reports indicate that Apple's cost-of-manufacturing is better than anyone else. Competitors will have to work hard to compete on price. Since...
No, this does not make sense. Apple has always reported SALES and not SHIPMENTS. In fact it has occasionally pointed out that other vendors do report shipments, and sometimes inflate them by channel-stuffing. The shipments may be down but that is just routine pre-update drawdown.
So you pay the subsidy, AND you pay full retail (or more) for the phone. No wonder AT&T likes this deal.
It could be interesting to see the interaction between him and Jonny Ive. I guess it will work out well as there's no way he could have been hired without Ive's involvement.
sorry - dupe
Fire sale. As in "pants on fire"
@gazoobee: you must have forgotten that iOS 7 beta currently is iPhone-only. It will be "a few weeks" for the beta for iPad. Until then, the only people who can try it are Apple employees. Not surprisingly, they're not talking. So it's not that the tech bloggers haven't thought of it. It's just that they can't.
"...what is known in the business as an agency model, which allows content owners to set pricing under a most favored nations clause. The clause precludes them from selling said content to other retailers for lower prices" This is misleading. It suggests that there is a minimum-price, and there isn't. What it DOES say is that, if the publisher offers a lower price, then it must offer the same, lower price also to Apple.
Cheaper than the Classic? That's true, but only one-tenth the capacity. I can fit my 145G music library on a Classic so I hope they keep it.
Nah. The approval specifically calls out iPhone 4 and 4S. The certification is valid only for the hardware/software combo.
New Posts  All Forums: