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No reason to kill a good-seller unless you have a better one. The new iPods are nice but none come close to Classic in capacity. My library won't fit on any of the flash-based ones (64 max) Yes - I have a nano and like it for certain things, but the Classic holds everything. I expect it will be here for many years. Until there's something better.
It seems to me that some (by no means all) samples are from somewhere other than the beginning. The "long intro" thing is vexing. The "60 seconds" will indeed help, as will more selecting from the "key" part of the music.
Yeah baby -- go Kin go Woops. That was $0.8 B in the toilet. Good news - this is only $0.5 B Good money after bad. Might be better if management had changed. Unfortunately (for MS), Steve B is still there. Enjoy the cash flow while it flows
Knock me over with a feather. Verizon has ignored Macs since forever, and does not support them at its WiFi access points. You need Windows in order to connect. Well golleeee-gosh, they've figured out how to do it. Shucks - I just didn't believe they had it in 'em. Will they support Macs on their FiOS now, or just iPads?
It's time that an iTunes account (for a specific ID) was able to have different password that the one used for email etc. I know I can create a different one just for iTunes but that breaks integration with iPhone stuff (email, FindMyiPhone, etc)
The Bilski case has changed the landscape and that's probably why some folks are filing now - trying to get ahead of the curve. On the other hand, suing Apple is a high-stakes game. So is suing IBM, as SCO discovered (although it's not dead yet, and it wasn't for patent-related stuff). Larry might well find that the Java patents are not worth what he paid for them - time will tell. But going after Google first is a gutsy move (typical Larry style). I don't expect...
Apple is right to enforce its usage guidelines/rules. Otherwise they become useless and you get cruft like Windows. At the same time, it should listen to a reasonable request to amend the guidelines. Not give a pass to Camera+, but amend the guidelines to say that the volume buttons can be used in other ways in certain circumstances. Personally, I find the on-screen shutter button to be a poor way to take photos. I don't have Camera+ but it does seem to me that the...
I agree that it shouldn't be iOS and use the App Store. There's a sensible space for the Air with Mac OS X. It can run lots of custom x86 stuff, has a keyboard with keys, etc etc. I'd like one with about a 10" screen or so - smaller than the current model. SSD would make sense too, although it might push the price too high so it should be an option rather than mandatory.
Rupert Murdoch's number one goal is making money. Political influence comes a close second but it's second. Accept it as fact. If you don't, read his history and then come back to the discussion. Of course, political influence (#2) is very often a facilitator to making money (#1) so it can be hard to separate them. As an example, "The Times", the venerable English newspaper, has recently set up a paywall for online users. In a month or so the traffic decreased 85% but...
Please don't become too cocky or shawnb will become shornb. There are threats out there. Mac OS X makes exploits harder but they're not impossible by any means. You did change your router password, didn't you? If not, do it RIGHT NOW !Yes it does. The characteristics of Mac OS X and iOS are different, although they come from the same code base. I am very much a supporter of the App store concept, but I do my own Mac development. I manage my Macs closely but expect my...
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