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That would be a stretch, but I guess not impossible. But only if they were "independent contractors" to start with. On the other hand, if they were actual employees of GTAT then - no way. You could argue that GTAT was not independent (I wouldn't) but not that the employees were functionally employees of another company - by virtue of the "independent contractor" rules.
The enterprise certificate modifies the trust model (i.e. it says to trust certain stuff that is not directly from Apple). So the no-jailbreak protection is compromised somewhat in this environment. 
Possible but not probable. The investigation is related to the CEO and COO and not the company and its overall operation (at least, as far as I've heard). So the bankruptcy process will probably continue without any major interruption.
Rather depressing for them however is that there are presently only two slots. So "number two" ==  "last" The "get worse" might be that in a while there's only one slot.
GE got its allocation way back in the mists of time. Around the time that Multics was still around and this new thing called "Unix" was coming along. GE was heavily involved, as was BBN.
 Some companies "got" the Internet earlier than others. 
 Some companies think ahead ! But guess who has the first Class A. And has wasted it ?? What a shame.
This is a new product line for Microsoft. NEW NEW !! Just Released !!   iPad Kickstand !!!   NEW  NEW !! Too funny.
 As far as we know, the correct number is ZERO. Zilch. Apple does indeed provide hardware and support but does NOT pay for placement. As far as we know.
As far as we know, Apple does provide equipment and support (setup etc etc) but does NOT pay for placement.  And you're right - there are lots of them.
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