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Interesting claim. I don't buy it. As far as I can see it makes no difference. If you have info to support the "more transparent" idea then you should share it. I am reminded of the protest signs on the Mall a couple of years ago ..."Get your Government hands off my Medicare" Competition is good as long as it's real competition. But telcos in many states (about twenty, I think) have encouraged (cough) State lawmakers to prevent municipalities and related entities from...
It's puzzling to me that Apple included NFC in iPad but not the antenna. I can understand that not many people would use iPad at a checkout but there are a number of other uses for it.   Since iPhone 6 does include the antenna (obviously) I can imagine that Square might also offer direct Apple Pay support TO an iPhone 6 and processed by Square. That'll have to wait for Apple to allow access to the NFC hardware though.
Actually, Square already said that, although the initial reader had been free, the chip-enabled one was non-trivially more expensive and they'd have to charge for it. I do expect that there'll be deals and bundles though.
Remember though that there's a difference between "editorial" content" and "analyst" content. To your point, though, WSJ doesn't always keep them as separate as it should.
Maybe. But I'm not sure if his assets might have been frozen in light of the SEC investigation. We haven't heard that but sometimes it happens without much notice. The SEC certainly wouldn't want him to move this money to Bahamas or Cayman Islands right now.  And I suspect that he'll be lacking for babe-company for a few years. That'll take time to wend through the court system though.
I haven't read the article (no WSJ sub) so I may be incorrect here. But it seems to me, from the widely available information, that the company's problems started well before.  In fact, his best decision would have been to ask either Apple or one of the "production companies" for assistance. That would have been humbling to some extent but quite possibly would have put the company on a better footing. It might not have solved the problems with the "big boules" but it...
There was certainly a quality problem and a scaling problem. That doesn't make them liars nor does it indicate that they were not.  You ask - "who else ?"  Well, we don't know. But there are a number of companies that bought smaller GTAT furnaces and used them effectively. I don't know who they are but GTAT had been in this business for quite a few years and had done well providing furnaces to them. I'm sure that Apple could have contacted them via GTAT to enquire about...
In your area, how many companies are competing for your broadband dollars? Few in the U.S. have more than one provider and my experience is that in the few areas where there is more than one, there is no "competition". My area is served by both Verizon (FiOS) and Comcast but they run a duopoly - the prices are virtually identical. The notion of "competition" is great but it has to happen in more than name only. If you can quote some examples of real broadband competition...
 I'm sure it's worth more today 
Sometimes I just say "no". Other times I play them on a bit and ask for their recommendations for stocks that will perform as well, or close. "How should I invest the funds I get from selling the Apple shares?" Lots of mumble-mumble at that point and they soon find a way to end the call.
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