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True. But that doesn't work as well with an interview, unfortunately.
Neither does Microsoft's Surface. That's an extra purchase, just like Apple's wireless keyboard.
The non-flatness isn't an operation issue (I don't use mine flat on a table) but it just doesn't feel right. I'll probably get a case. And part of the reason for that is that the sides are very slick. A little more texture there would be good. But that's just my preference.
This might be worrisome if teens were the target demographic.   But they're not. 
There is such a thing as "too thin" and I think the iPhone 6 is anorexic.    I would have preferred a flat back, i.e. same thickness as the camera lens is now, and use the extra space for a slightly bigger battery. Oh - and roughen the sides just slightly - for improved grip. It's just a bit too slick now.   We'll have to see about iPad. This would be very thin for a device that size. And I'm not sure that continued pursuit of "thin" is worth it when nearly everyone...
Working on Windows will be just as important as it was for iPod, back in that day. And we know how important that was. If there's a way to make it work safely on Windows then that's what will happen. A quick look at this charthttp://www.asymco.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Screen-Shot-2014-10-07-at-8.51.05-AM.pngshows just how much of Apple's revenue comes from iPhone. Enabling Apple Pay via Windows will help sell more iPhones. Apple isn't about to kill that in order to...
I agree. It is much easier to shop on iPad than iPhone ! Wow - you touch on lots of hot buttons ! - carrier lock-in: this has indeed been a problem. The carriers feel that they "own" the phone and therefore want a slice of the action with any payment solution. Ideally, payments would run through your monthly bill. Google did not want this, nor does Apple. But Apple has the advantage in that it has never allowed carriers to control the customer relationship. This is a...
NexusPhan suggested Bluetooth as a solution (I hadn't thought of that) and it seems that it could be a nice solution. The iPhone would do all the security work (dealing with the token etc) and the browser would just pass through the secured blob. This would neatly sidestep the security problems with a browser interface. It would also open up the solution to suitably-equipped Windows  machines (I would expect that more than a few iPhone 6 users use Windows).
Hhmmm. Yes - that does indeed sound workable.  And because the security stuff happens on the iPhone, it doesn't need to be Mac-only. It could be done on Windows if the appropriate hardware and software is present. Yes - BT is a good solution. Thanks for mentioning it (I hadn't thought of that)
Nope. Only tokens. And, as I mentioned an another post, I have no idea how they'll do on-line purchases.  Doing it from your iPhone is easy but how does it work with a desktop? That will be interesting to see, and very interesting to me as I do it a lot.
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