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I believe that has been confirmed (don't have a reference ready to hand but think it was via Banking Innovations site). I'll post the link if I can find it. To your point, I don't think it was a posting directly from Apple, but from people who worked to enable this. When the details emerged, I was surprised at the low percentage that Apple gets. Small enough to ask myself "why?". It's 0.15% whereas the banks/issuers get 2.5 - 3.0% So Apple is certainly not doing it for the...
That's good if you like it. I do not, because I do not want Google to have all my credit card numbers in addition to everything else it collects about me. YMMV.It's a stretch to claim that using an EMVCo standard amounts to "behind the scenes deals". Surely you can do better than this?
But these are Google tokens. Not bank tokens.
I expect that the updated Square iPad device will have swipe, chip and NFC capability. The existing one did swipe and they've announced chip, but not NFC so far.  Edit: the plug-in (headphone jack) thingie will be doing swipe and chip, and work for iPhone and iPad. The stand that holds the iPad like a POS device is the one that I expect to have NFC. It would be nice if they could do it in the plug-in but it would be more challenge.
Then you need to read this. As far as I know, Apple is the only company doing it - for the moment.http://usa.visa.com/clients-partners/technology-and-innovation/visa-token-service/faqs.jsp​
That is good to know. I knew it to be true for T-Mobile but had not heard that AT&T and Verizon ones were unlocked also. Maybe even Sprint -- shock, horror !!
 I expect that Square will have a new version of its iPad POS holder/device that will include NFC. It hasn't been announced (they've announced chip-reader but not NFC - yet) but I would expect it to be there. It's too good an opportunity to pass up.
Coming. Check out https://squareup.com/emv
I heard that they were participating with Apple as a payment processor. That's not competing with Apple but working with the Apple Pay system. If they do this then they might be successful, especially with mobile terminals (think: places without wired network infrastructure)
Talk to Square. I have heard that they have a solution under way.
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