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Cube was not around for long but I believe that it was more than twelve months. It was too expensive, though. Almost the same price as the standup G4.
@gqb: very similar to my situation. So a year ago I bought iPhone 5 unlocked and use it with Consumer Cellular, an AT&T MVNO. Only $45 for low usage. I had tried T-Mobile but their coverage wasn't good in this area (don't know if that may have changed).
"It is a corporation's duty to generate as much value for shareholders ..." That is only one of several. And I'm not of the opinion that it necessarily is the most important.
It's a rather high-risk, high-visibility announcement. Surface 2 has only just launched so there hasn't been any trial. And no-one knows for sure if it will be certified by FAA, or how long that will take. If it fails, Delta will be looking very stupid. Even if the Delta folks wanted to do SUrface 2, it would have been prudent to do some testing first. But I bet that Microsoft pushed them *very* hard for the announcement to be made now, to help with Surface rollout. It...
"... implies a message from management that the company is back on track." It implies no such thing. Any analyst worth his salary has known that the company was not off-track, so how could how they be "back". Turkeys. All of them.
I've been listening to iTunes Radio on my Mac and the stations don't keep working. They stop or stall a lot.   It's not network-related as the connection is 25Mb/s FiOS, hard-wired.   This feature still needs work.
Re: FM tuner   Apple did it with iPod nano a few years ago. I have one. It works "OK" but not well.    I am not surprised that Apple doesn't have it in iPhone. 
Analysts are just looking for mentions/hits, not accuracy. If Apple dropped the price of iPhones, they will pound it for loss of margin. If Apple maintains the price then they pound it for lack of market share. There's no innovation with these guys, no creativity at all. Best thing to do is recognize that they don't understand, and then ignore them.
Part of the reason for paying a dividend is that certain funds can only invest in dividend-paying stocks. Paying a dividend means that those funds can invest in Apple.
@rjc999 - useful comments but remember a couple of variations: 1. "Sooner or later the App Store's advantages in content will be eroded." It possibly has been already, in terms of titles and overall ability. But Apple's store is curated and Android stores are not. I, for one, do not want AV stuff on my phone killing the battery. 2. reports indicate that Apple's cost-of-manufacturing is better than anyone else. Competitors will have to work hard to compete on price. Since...
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