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 I am not sure how MS plans to run all apps on both x86 and ARM, unless they have fat-binaries. Which they can readily do for MS apps, but you mentioned all apps. That sounds like a Rosetta-style emulation if it indeed means all. My point was different. I am not so concerned with x86/ARM differences, but with iOS/OS X ones. Apple can readily bridge the x86/ARM divide as I described in a recent post. Work on fat binaries, work with developers for "major" apps, stay with a...
Nope. Not possible. Those hundreds of millions of dollars already went under the bridge.
Thanks for the info.
Have you seriously thought about how to run an iOS app on a Mac? Seriously considered where your files go in the file system, and all the little things that go with that? If you have then please enlighten us, in detail. Because I have and all I've seen is less-than-nice. But maybe I just didn't think hard enough.
I agree that there would be a performance penalty but that would only be for non-native apps. All of Apple's apps would be native from day-one (i.e. fat-binary) and I expect that lots of third-party developers would be quick to recompile and ship fat-binary.  So many apps would be full-speed at release or very shortly thereafter. And no serious deficiency w.r.t. an Intel-based Mac. As you say, other apps would be below the comparable performance on an Intel-based...
Not a troll-question - I honestly don't know. Does AMD have an x86 license from Intel, or did they reverse-engineer it ? My recollection is that they did the latter but I don't know for sure. Does anyone have a definitive answer ?
There is a BIG difference between OS X apps and iOS apps. And it has NOTHING to do with ISAs "...OS handles the automatic layout of the interface to fit the screen. Not possible with x86 and ARM code since the data is affected by the structure of ISAs but totally possible with a single ISA, ARM." This makes zero sense. And, no, this is not what Windows is doing. 
There is a keyboard and it works well. Apple Bluetooth keyboard is your answer. Buy it, pair it. Done But, to your point about copy/paste, what we do NOT have is a mouse or trackpad. I have tried to pair Apple's Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse and these haven't connected - only the keyboard. I would LOVE it if I could use either of these devices with iPad (plus keyboard).
Repeat after me: iOS is NOT OS X, OS X is NOT iOS, iOS is NOT OS X, OS X is NOT iOS Get it ??? There is NO way that an iOS/OS X combo app makes sense. The user interface to the file system is totally different and that's where this "compatibility" breaks down. Files in iOS are stored in the app's folder, and in OS X they're elsewhere.  And in OS X a user can run an app and open a file anywhere (within reason). Not possible in iOS.  I understand both OS X and iOS and their...
There is no point for Apple to strip stuff out of x86. If they want full x86 then stay with it. Maybe the reason is being able to run BootCamp, maybe not - I don't know.  One thing of which I am sure is that Apple would have no interest in doing a Franken-x86, with some of the stuff but not all. What would be the benefit? A whole bunch of stuff - not just Windows - wouldn't run and there would be endless arguments as to who was to blame. It's just not worth going there....
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