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So much for the lies we've been fed "... it is impossible to unlock an iPhone"
I wonder if they'll now drop the surcharge for tethering on iPhones?
Apple cut the price of Aperture from ~$199 to ~$80, so Lightroom is still $70 more expensive. Is it worth the extra $70 ?? [Honest question - I haven't used Lightroom and can't compare]
Bankruptcy judges have wide latitude to handle things that are usually very hard. Such as break contracts, assign property of various kinds, etc. Before you make a claim of "no irreparable harm" you should go to groklaw.net and read the saga of what the bankruptcy judge has done in the case of SCO. Bankruptcy courts don't work the way other courts do and if the patents are sold, to Kodak's benefit, Apple will never see a dime. I don't know, but what I think Apple wants is...
But not nearly enough. What they got was a telling-off, and a slap on the wrist.
All the more reason to leave AT&T when my current contract is up
I remember the poor-taste spectacle of Microsoft folks having a funeral for iPhone. Now we know who was really in the casket.
I'm not sure what the patent claims as new but this idea has been done before. About ten years or so ago, I think. The company that made then was Madsonline, and it was a nice charger. They can't do one now, unfortunately, because of Apple's patents on the MagSafe connector.
I don't remember the wood-grain stuff because we had software, not hardware, but Apple's security rules were much this way twenty years ago. The main thing that has changed is that lots of media folks are vying for the latest scoop. Twenty years ago few of them were interested. Now they're all in the "dangle carrot" business, unfortunately.
Steve said that Apple wasn't doing Blu-Ray because it was a bag of hurt. Running a telco is way worse.
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