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I don't remember the wood-grain stuff because we had software, not hardware, but Apple's security rules were much this way twenty years ago. The main thing that has changed is that lots of media folks are vying for the latest scoop. Twenty years ago few of them were interested. Now they're all in the "dangle carrot" business, unfortunately.
Steve said that Apple wasn't doing Blu-Ray because it was a bag of hurt. Running a telco is way worse.
The "+44" is an internationally-accepted way to specify a phone number in Britain. I'm not saying that the number itself is valid, but that *is* the standard way to represent a U.K. phone number in settings such as this. Just so you know. The "+20" later on is bogus, to be sure. It also should have the "44" to be valid.
Steve knows a bag of hurt when he sees one. Blu-Ray is one. Sprint is another. CAn't see that ever happening. OTOH, I do hope that the next iPhone is an all-carrier model. I'd buy an unlocked one in a flash.
The iPad ad "Now" also has a Lion reference. The star constellation shown is Leo.
Is there a deductible on this? That might alter the equation. But not enough to favor the AT&T plan - that's robbery.
I bought SquareTrade's for iPhone because of the coverage for accidental damage. But for MBPs I get Applecare and it has been worth it
Well, wonders will never cease. AT&T has finally realized that it no longer has an exclusive on iPhone and has to compete, even if just a little. I wonder when we'll be able to get reasonably-priced service plans that don't continue to rip you off after your contract is up? Or a GoPhone plan that includes data.
Why is it that both AT&T and Verizon continue to charge full service price after the subsidy/contract period finishes? It's because we have a duopoly, that's why. This should be illegal. Is it regulated by FCC or FTC - I'm not sure who handles contract issues such as this. Maybe it should be one of the conditions if AT&T gets approval to buy T-Mobile.
Just reading the story I can tell this isn't the usual patent-infringement stuff. 1. it seems to be for hardware, not software. And these folks manufacture stuff. 2. It's not filed in the Eastern District of Texas, which is the preferred locale for patent trolling (and some non-trolls as well, to be fair) 3. It is filed in Western District of Pennsylvania which is, golly gosh, where they do business Let's wait and see how this one goes.
New Posts  All Forums: