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My car already has all the windows it needs.
Gates indeed has done that, and that's good. Every time people use this to defend Microsoft's behavior, I just remind that that Bill is giving away YOUR money.
Mostly not.  Of late they have been leaving the predictions to -- analysts.
December 23 was when he notified them, so I'd expect that "six months" would be round about June 23. That's three months from now - "now" being March 26 - rather than four. Execs get all kinds of deals that regular folks do not, such as retention deals and protection against arbitrary dismissal. In return they have longer notification requirements and no-competitor restrictions. It does seem tacky for him to have signed his deal in September - when others were not getting...
Dear Odo - I guess both you and Wall Street missed the announcement yesterday that China Telecom sold about a million iPhones last month. "We added 1.34 million new 4G users in February and most of them are iPhone users"If you look at actual data (I looked at Dediu at Asymco--   http://www.asymco.com/2014/03/18/invaluable/ ) you'll see that in the last quarter, Apple shipped about 10% of the smartphones, had a bit more than 40% of the revenue and about 75% of the profits....
One option would be to make the pixels a bit bigger but keep the count the same. If they do that then developers don't have to re-tweak all the apps.
Two more rings for the death-knell counter. Ding dong. Oh - Wall Street doesn't understand Apple. Neither do you, it seems.
Doomed maybe but this isn't why. The XML stuff is open but lots of the pieces in there are binary blobs in ... you guessed it ... original proprietary format. The format of the blobs isn't documented/open but much of it has been reverse-engineered. So competitors are still where they were before - close but not fully-compatible.
True. And Wall Street ignores it.
Is this really true?? Everything that I have seen says that the Lending Library is such that borrowed books can be read on Kindle devices ONLY, and NOT on iPhone/iPad using Kindle for iOS. It would be nice if this were true but I fear it is not.
New Posts  All Forums: