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Anyone in U.S. had any luck with getting AT&T to unlock an iPhone? I want to use local phone service in Germany when I travel there this Fall.
I also saw this, and my opinion of Ed Bott took a dive. OTOH I guess he's paid for page-views rather than accuracy.
Time for folks to do a reality check. As I said earlier, I don't believe that any senior management at Apple knew about or approved this. It's just not the sort of thing that fits with all the other things they do. It has the same "feel" to it as the Google WiFi problem - something done at lower level and, in Google's case, an oversight. I think that the same is likely here also. As John Gruber put it - it's a bug. It's only supposed to keep the last location or two...
Folks - the significant takeaway here is *not* what's going on in Android-land, or nearby. What is important to remember is that Gartner's credibility is near zero. At least in markets such as this. Maybe they're OK in the more traditional, business-oriented IT stuff where you can look at trends and extrapolate. However, that is not where we are in this case. We're in a period of disruption and major change and Gartner doesn't have a good track record in that space...
There's a piece today in BusinessWeek about NASDAQ rebalancing the stocks in the index due to changes in share price. The interesting snippet is what has happened since 21 Dec 1998 when certain rule changes came into effect. Apple +3,779% Microsoft -26% Cisco -25% Intel -35% Dell -58%
I'm glad they're changing this. It's long overdue
No need for aluminum for Apple TV as it's not portable. Plastic is probably better because you don't have the issues with WiFi signal getting through the case. You could argue, of course, that Apple didn't need aluminum in the current Mini. That's true and I'd agree with you. There's a *bit* more reason for it but it could have gone either way. And they did have to do special stuff for the antenna.
Patent indemnification is a big area of differentiation between 2 and 3. I'm not a lawyer, or even a patent lawyer so if you need legal advice should should find some (really). But if you want to get *really* depressed then go to groklaw and read up on the SCO saga that's still going on (amazingly). Then check out yesterday's lawsuits from Microsoft against Android. I don't have a good answer but even a dumbass like me can see there's a huge battle going on and that...
My library has 1224 albums, at about 97GB. And that doesn't include a lot of classical I haven't had time to transfer yet.
I had one of the old ones and now have one of the new L-shaped ones with a new MBP. They've changed more than the shape of the connector (from T to L). The strain relief is a lot bigger. And also, with regard to the commentthe cable itself is changed. It's now very stiff. There are no markings on the cable jacket but it feels to me like the difference between regular network cable and plenum-rated cable (usually has a Teflon jacket). The old cable was soft and flexible and...
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