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"those bags can way as much as 35 pounds." I think you mean "weigh"
Only mostly true. Apple has acquired a number of companies, and a number of patents along with them.I'll agree with you though that Apple does not seem to acquire companies just to get the patents, as Google has done. From what I understand, Google wanted to buy just the patents from Motorola, and Moto said all-or-nothing.
It can be fair, as long as it is properly done. But there have been a number of cases where it was not, and major lawsuits ensued. Rambus is the one that comes most readily to mind.Most standards-setting bodies these days require prior disclosure of any patented or patentable IP early on in the process, and the conditions of submission are that there is an automatic license for any IP claims not so disclosed. The boilerplate language at the front of all recent IETF RFCs is...
I think that Airplane Mode is sufficient for airlines and the FAA.
I'm glad I switched already. Didn't have an unlimited plan for them to get rid of - just a very profitable customer.
The standards bodies such as IETF have paid attention to this type of abuse and some time ago changed their disclosure rules. This is a very good development and, over time, this abuse will disappear.
That wasn't the biggest problem. It was firing the knowledgable staff, who were more expensive, and hiring wet-behind-the-ears newbies.Note to Apple: your staff is excellent and a big part of the success of the Apple Stores. You should pay them more - the Store can afford it.
Microcenter near here does this. It works quite well. Prices are good also.
I don't think these were good. In fact, they had a lot in common with the "Lemmings" SuperBowl ad, and we know how well that was received.
For a big-ish family they may work. As a single user with iPhone + iPad, no way. I already had paid too much to AT&T for my minimal usage (WiFi at home and work mean I have low usage) so I am way better off now.
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