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Each has its place. You can put your own apps on Macs, and use standard x86 apps. Can't do that on iPad. It also has a regular keyboard. There are places for each in the product lineup. The issue will be price. I find it hard to believe that it will sell well if it's >$1000. I could imagine a lot being sold at $799 entry, $899 with options. Apple was agressive with price on iPad and that could be done again here.
It maybe true that although the NOC folks are there over the holiday weekend, the coders are not. No surprise. But who then is the dork who approved deployment of new software on the Friday before a holiday weekend?? That is just plain stupid.
A wag noted some time ago that the main sticking point was Verizon's insistence on a Verizon logo on the phone.My own guess is that they're insisting on a piece of the App Store.Sorry, VZ -- neither of these will happen.
Actually, as of the date of the letter, Apple had not announced the iPhone 4. So it's hard to know what they meant by "marketing". I don't think we'll go down the tin-foil-hat path, as some have, that says that the whole iPhone-in-a-bar thing was a superb marketing ploy. The letter was dated June 4, the iPhone 4 was first announced by Apple on June 7. The legalese in the letter makes me believe that certification had not yet been granted. So either FCC had committed an...
Why do you all assume that this is for the iPhone that was announced?? I would have to assume that Apple had certification in hand when Steve announced the announced iPhone 4 and a ship-date. The announcement was June 7. Sending a letter on June 4 means that it almost certainly would have been after FCC had certified the new phone (note that withholding of information is requested for 45 days after certification is granted). So this must be for a device that has not yet...
I guess that if I had a product with a major zero-day security hole then I might hustle the new version out the door. "Here it comes - ready or not"
The biggest challenge to using Office that it is so slow. Even on a Mac Pro, for crying out loud. Startup takes forever, pagination is like watching paint dry. I assume that it's all interpreted intermediate-code that MS compiles into native on Windows, but that's just a guess. I can not think of any other reason why everything takes so long. I don't really care about 32-bit vs. 64. I'd rather just be able to get my work done today instead of having to finish it...
If Microsoft is doing so well at this, why did they just cancel Courier? Why does Ballmer continue to draw a salary when he is unable to guide Microsoft to a bigger future? Legacy is nice but it eventually goes the way of the buggy whip. Steve B doesn't get that yet. In time he will
Adobe keeps complaining about an Apple conspiracy against Flash. But there's no decent Flash that will run on mobile devices. Now that Apple has made that pointedly clear, Adobe is working on a version and, last I heard, it crashes the phone every time in the demo. Not exactly what we're looking for, is it? About the only conspiracy I actually see is Adobe's against itself - "footgun" might be an appropriate description. Other have said it well in various forums...
"We've always ported our apps simultaneously to both platforms." is demonstrably false, and they know it. I am not in the market for Photoshop or CS (although I know someone who does a lot of it). I'm more of a "PS Elements" user and the Windows version has been released sooner, had more features and is cheaper. Stop lying, Adobe !
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