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Well, maxed-out iPhone 6 is $849 (128 GB, unlocked). And, yes - more than $199. But less than the $859.99 price listed above for the S6. The iPhone 6+ is more expensive, as is the S6 Edge. Same situation applies - iPhone is slightly less expensive.
What's the betting that it's BOGO from day one? Just like the S5 !
True. The only reason they can't complain about Apple Pay is that it isn't there yet.
BMW could start by fixing the disastrous audio support in existing cars.   My 2012 5-series locks up the iPod Classic about once a week, requiring a hard restart. It's not an iPod problem (does the same with two separate iPod Classics, and less frequently with a Nano and an iPhone). BMW refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem but the discussion boards have thousands of complaints.
I had T-Mo on my iPhone 5 for a while but finally had to give up because I'm in a dead spot. It's green all around and very fast, but I get zero-to-one bar on my iPhone at home. There was a plan to improve service here but so far that hasn't happened. Pity.
What makes you think that it doesn't already? And has had for years ?
I hope you have some data to back up your damnable claim. Wizards are usually renowned for wisdom and I would hate to think that you alone lacked it.
It's because the 15" uses quad-core and Intel hasn't made any yet, only dual-core (standard in the 13" versions). If you think Apple is happy about this, then you might look at the ongoing rumors about switching to its own design of ARM chips. Being tied to Intel's capabilities is no more satisfying that being tied to IBM's PowerPC capabilities. And we know where that went.  There was nothing on-stage but I am sure that there is a lot of unhappiness in Cupertino about...
The web site lists several adapters, for HDMI, VGA, etc etc
Not so. From the Apple product page ... Headphone port Headphone/optical digital audio output (minijack) Support for Apple iPhone headset with remote and microphone
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