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I am not sure that there is enough space for a "standard" size USB connector. 
No. That seems to because the new CPUs are available for now only in dual-core versions, not quad-core. The 13" uses duals so it gets an update. I expect the 15" will be revved when Intel releases quad-core models of the variety needed.
The text and email will probably shut down most of the fraudulent "adds". I'm sure that if I got one for one of my cards that I didn't just add, then I'd be on the phone right away. But your comment about "other means" got me thinking: Apple does provide certain info to the bank as part of the "add" provisioning process - I think that your current location is included, for example. So I wonder if it also includes something about other cards you might have registered in...
I'm not sure that this is quite true but I agree that ACH security is quite poor.  As an example, I believe that if there is an authorization for ACH transfers on your account (and Citi does have this) then it's bi-directional. There is no way to say "I permit transfers into my account but no transfers out". Which means that if your employer does direct-deposit (via ACH, as is standard) then they can drain your account.  WTF ?!?
Actually, the victims of this fraud are mostly not users of Apple Pay. They're just ordinary folks who've had their credit card info hacked, and loaded onto a stolen iPhone (or one itself obtained by fraud).
Your mileage is not the same as mine. You have quite a bit to use it for as I did before I retired. But now it's a "compatibility" thing rather than an everyday one (or even every-week, some weeks). Subscription works for you but not for me.
Thanks for that info. I looked but didn't see that (guess I hadn't dug deep enough).
One thing for sure - I am NOT buying a subscription to get the new version. I have the standalone version of Office 2011 and paid for that just once. No way will I get on the yearly-fee treadmill.
"...in the case of a movie, the thing being licensed, or not, is 100% of the product." It may be that the site hosting the product contains other, legal, content but the site is not that to which my mention of "100%" refers.  "100% of the product" does refer to the product, not the site.
You're right - there is some of that taste in this. [Note: I am not a lawyer and this is not "legal advice"] The original question asked about what constituted "irreparable harm" and not "what bases might there be for an injunction". One of them is irreparable harm but there are others, such as a refusal to pay license fees. So, in the context of your example, the studios would not be able to get an injunction on the basis of irreparable harm, but could get one because the...
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