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My take on this is that 30% is not unreasonable for apps but is not the right number for repeating subscriptions.  Some will say that Apple should have no cut (i.e. 0 %) but that's silly. After all, Apple does handle the billing and has to eat the cost of fraud there, so "free" is not right. My guess is that at 5% Apple would be making a loss and 10% would possibly (possibly!) break even. And let's face it - if Spotify has people sign up through their web page, what is...
If the European Commission says that there are are, then there are. We might or might not agree with that but our vote doesn't count.
Well, it's nowhere near that now. Mountain Lion 10.8 no longer gets security updates and that's only three years old (last version release 10.8.5 was about two years ago).
Personally, no. (*)  But I support a number of family-and-friends Macs and some of those are indeed in this category. The most recent example is a cousin with a 15" MacBook Pro who asked me to apply the latest upgrades. We found that, unfortunately, 10.7 Lion was as far as that hardware could go. And my brother-in-law still stays with his PowerMac G5 running 10.5 despite all my efforts to get him moved to a Mac Mini. The cousin, in particular, asked for the upgrade because...
To give credit where credit is due, Microsoft has been supplying security patches for older versions of Windows  - stretching much further back than Apple does for OS X versions. People with older hardware (maybe can't afford a new Mac) can't get security patches and are left exposed. I can agree with Apple not adding features to old versions, but it should do more with regard to security updates.
"... giving MCX direct access to a checking account"   Hell NO !   No security (they were hacked already) and no protection of the kind you get with a credit card.    But the real issue is that they present no value proposition for the customer. There is NO upside for me to use this. There's plenty for Walmart but none for me. I find it hard to believe that they're this far down the path and still have not presented a "why" to encourage a customer to use it....
That's possible only from an iTunes backup, and an encrypted one at that. I think we all remember a few instances where someone (celebrities in some cases) had their iCloud backup "restored" onto a hacker's phone. So I am nor surprised that Apple doesn't support it (password-restore) from an iCloud backup. Maybe they'll revisit that decision in the case of an iCloud account with 2FA.
And the children have to walk to school, and back home. It's uphill both ways.
This is seriously sucky.   I had iTunes match until my library exceeded 25K "songs". At that point you're toast. You can't buy more capacity, you can't select what "songs" in your library you want in " Match". It's all-or-nothing. After a year - when my library crossed the iRubicon - I was done.   If they're now killing your own [local] playlists and ignoring the music you have in your library - then why on earth would I even consider it?
I wonder whether Apple Music will pay attention to the fact that I purchased the album - although not from iTunes - and it's in my library.   Is it playable in this scenario?
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