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Definitely should be an option.
I would like this feature to also send "last known location" when it is powered down, even if the battery still has charge.    Edit: just turned it on for my iPhone
No. If it's a certain size then it's that size. It's not "a times 32-bits" vs. "b times 64-bits". It's the certain number of bits, bytes or whatever - regardless of the width.
As I understand it, Apple Pay IS available to developers. It's "raw NFC" that is not available - at least, not yet.
p.s. some follow-up thoughts regarding RFID and NFC cards. These are not the same although they have some commonalities. There's a lot of detail at Wikipedia so look there if you're interested in gory detail. The bottom line is that those that have been in the U.S. for some time, such as PayPass/payWave/ExpressPay are RFID cards that identify the card. These are EMV-compatible but there are transaction limits (amount, frequency, etc). One downside is that the card can be...
Hi Maestro - the October 2015 date has been reported in a number of places but there hasn't been all that much public discussion about it. At least until the Target and HD breaches. But here's a link that explains a lot ...http://www.paymentsleader.com/will-retailers-be-ready-for-emv-by-oct-2015/ "One key component in the EMV discussion is its accompanying liability shift. This liability shift means that those issuers and merchants using non-EMV compliant devices that...
It seems that third-party apps can use Apple Pay, but can't use NFC for something else. I would guess that this is because Apple doesn't yet have the API and SDK to the point where they want it publicly available. As well as just being cautious.
Aahhh - the return of dual-architecture binaries !! It's true that Xcode already deals with both. But while that is necessary, it is not sufficient. If Apple switches to ARM then a new Rosetta will be essential. Apple can either build one or license one from the current owners of the technology -- IBM. 
The point you've missed is that this is not supposed to be a revenue generator in and of itself. It's supposed to1. sell more iPhones2. be a competitive advantage against Samsung  For example, Samsung's fingerprint reader is enough for a feature checklist but every reviewer says that it's quite poor. Samsung can do some kind of "secure element" but it will take time and money, and who knows how really secure it will be? I do not see Apple Pay as a profit center. Apple...
There are two different things here and lots of folks are not noticing it.   One part is the standardization effort by those involved with GlobalPlatform. An example is the "tokenization" organized by EuroCard/MasterCard/Visa ("EMV") that Apple uses in Apple Pay. Other companies will be using this too. Maybe even Samsung :)   The second part is the TouchID and Secure Element, which are Apple-proprietary. Samsung has its own version but everyone who has reviewed it says...
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