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Since you seem to know how it works then perhaps you'd enlighten us. I am particularly interested in two items:- 1. does CurrentC require direct access to a bank account (or pre-load of credit somehow). MCX's own press releases (a couple of months ago) indicated to me that these were the only options. Is that correct? 2. does your phone require a network connection (cellular or Wi-Fi) during a transaction? If one is required, does the POS terminal provide Wi-Fi to help it...
DavidW's description is not correct - your banking details are not held at the retail server but by CurrentC. It's unclear whether the retailer holds some data that could be used to compromise your account but at least it's not the banking info directly. That said, it's of little comfort. The CurrentC servers were hacked some time ago, a detail that MCX brushed off as inconsequential. But actually it's hugely important, as the CurrentC servers are the ones that initiate...
These folks require DIRECT access to your bank account, via "Automated ClearingHouse" (ACH) mechanism. Not a debit card, which admittedly has a little protection.   And they've been hacked already.   To me this is a really bad combination. 
Actually I wouldn't be so sure.   Comcast is so big, so sprawling and so screwed up that one part can believe that there has been no contact while another part already has a signed deal.
True - it's the carriers that are doing this. But desirability is relative.  If carriers like doing this so they can get two contracts, then which of them is offering BOGO deals on an iPhone. Any one. Ever ? [deals on previous models don't count -- the BOGO deal on Galaxy S5 was available on launch day ! ]
I guess I need to be REALLY REALLY explicit. So here goes ... What's the betting that the Galaxy S6 will be BOGO from day one ?  Just like the Galaxy S5 was (BOGO from day one) ?
So the lawyer can see it at fifteen paces and tell the Judge that he/she can differentiate between the two.  As Samsung's lawyer was famously unable to do at trial.
Well, maxed-out iPhone 6 is $849 (128 GB, unlocked). And, yes - more than $199. But less than the $859.99 price listed above for the S6. The iPhone 6+ is more expensive, as is the S6 Edge. Same situation applies - iPhone is slightly less expensive.
What's the betting that it's BOGO from day one? Just like the S5 !
True. The only reason they can't complain about Apple Pay is that it isn't there yet.
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