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Chick - I think that perhaps you may have misunderstood your bank's letter. What I think they're saying (based upon a somewhat similar one I received a while back) that that they're issuing you with a new chip card. I expect that this card will also have a mag stripe on the back. That's for two reasons: (1) many merchants don't yet have chip-card readers and many that do have them haven't enabled them yet (Home Depot - I'm looking at you), and (2)gas-pump readers aren't...
If it's just LoopPay, that's true. But the article said that it will use NFC also. If they do that, and also use EMV's tokenization (an open standard, not exclusive to Apple) then it'll be very close to Apple Pay. This will be interesting to watch :)
Fully agree. It is pitiful to hear these complaints of "States' Rights". About the big, bad Federal Gubmint trailing all over them. What the reality is that the big, bad State Gubmint has been trampling all over the rights of the cities. As has been noted elsewhere, this is like the 6th grade bully complaining about the high-schooler hitting him, when what the high-schooler was doing was stepping in to break up the bullying of the 3rd grader.
I think that that is a good summary of what happened today. A couple of years ago, the FCC put out some less-specific rules about what today is labeled as "net neutrality". Against the advice of all of their friends, Verizon decided to file suit to overturn these rules on the basis that they weren't regulated (that specific part) and so the FCC had overstepped its bounds. The Court of Appeals agreed and overturned the FCC rules. Today's rules are the rather predictable...
 I do not believe that the "EMV which also INCLUDES NFC" claim is correct. Merchants all have to update to EMV readers (i.e. chip-capable) and most (95% or better, I've heard) are including NFC in that upgrade. But I don't believe that the EMV compliance REQUIRES NFC to be present. I think it's encouraged, but not required. One thought, though, about Google Wallet (GW) and tokenization. If you use GW then your actual card number (Primary Account Number PAN) is on file with...
 Actually, it used to do that a bit (think: Nipplegate) but hardly ever does now. I don't see any likelihood for that to change. Why do you??
 Bob: you have entirely missed the point. What the Government is doing here is to make sure that big companies don't restrict YOUR freedom. Under your interpretation, the First Amendment is "anti-freedom". Most of us have long ago seen through the fallacy of that position.
Well, you won't find many U.S. Government departments buying routers from Huawei. Works both ways. It is getting hard to find laptops that weren't made in China though.
2273 albums, 32K "songs". Few of them "match" since they weren't bought from iTunes - maybe a thousand tunes or so. Lots of classical (not all the classical is ripped yet BTW) Your library may vary but iTunes Match is a joke for me.
I did iTunes Match for a year but gave it up when my library exceeded the 25K limit.   After that - it's dead useless. You can't manage what's there, as you can with other Apple services. It's all-or-nothing.   And for the same $25/year Amazon will provide storage for 250,000 songs -- that is TEN TIMES Apple's limit. And you can buy more if you want. Cant't do that with Apple.   What Apple has now is just an embarrassment. If I worked in that area I would be ashamed...
New Posts  All Forums: