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And for pennies on the dollar. Lots of people were steamed at the deal. Deal/steal of the decade.
The answer - you can't buy yourself. Apple can continue to buy back more of its own shares but each time that happens the remaining ones become more valuable and therefore more expensive.  And I believe that the SEC also has rules about the extent of share buybacks - possibly to thwart exact this type of move.
Sorry, but "No", as this week's Court decision showed. Border Patrol officer shot a Mexican kid standing across the border (i.e. kid was in Mexico, officer in the U.S.). The family sued but the Appeals Court ruled that Constitutional protections do not apply because he was not in the U.S. nor a U.S. citizen or resident. Mexican in Mexico - no Constitutional rights for you !!
Your rights don't come from you being a taxpayer. They come from you being a person subject to the Constitution, and typically, but not necessarily, a Citizen. Know your rights ! And know whence they come !!  (it isn't from paying taxes)
iPad sales down - DOOM imminent !!
iPad sales down -- DOOM imminent !!!!
Well, I don't know. I thought that digital radio (I think the U.S. version is called "HD Radio") was using the same frequencies as FM, but just with more compact "packaging" of the signal.I'm not sure though, as the only one I have is in the car.
Well that's interesting. However if it's the Target "Red" card, that already has the direct bank account link, i.e. it's a direct-debit card. But if it's Target credit that's different, and interesting.
Since you seem to know how it works then perhaps you'd enlighten us. I am particularly interested in two items:- 1. does CurrentC require direct access to a bank account (or pre-load of credit somehow). MCX's own press releases (a couple of months ago) indicated to me that these were the only options. Is that correct? 2. does your phone require a network connection (cellular or Wi-Fi) during a transaction? If one is required, does the POS terminal provide Wi-Fi to help it...
DavidW's description is not correct - your banking details are not held at the retail server but by CurrentC. It's unclear whether the retailer holds some data that could be used to compromise your account but at least it's not the banking info directly. That said, it's of little comfort. The CurrentC servers were hacked some time ago, a detail that MCX brushed off as inconsequential. But actually it's hugely important, as the CurrentC servers are the ones that initiate...
New Posts  All Forums: