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 Fair comment. But Amazon makes no profit (essentially zero - the P/E is 514). And, for some inexplicable reason, the stock fell 10% just today. Apple has been making money like it's going out of style - for several years now - and Wall Street thinks it's little more than trash. After a long time, the stock is up about 9%. And P/E is 14. You're right - just because Apple makes money doesn't mean that its stock will go up, or that it will reflect its value. I certainly...
This is a tough issue and many people with differing opinions are "right". I won't preach but will muse upon a few scenarios ... One is that people with an iPhone or iPad and no PC-type device at all - are uncommon. Most folks with iPhone/iPad have a PC or Mac, or some access to one. So Apple has retained the "bigger hammer" solution of the full download-and-install using the PC/Mac as the intermediary (with iTunes). The full install is rather big and lots of folks don't...
Yep. From Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/article/2013/11/27/us-samsung-marketing-idUSBRE9AQ18720131127 "Samsung Electronics Co is expected to spend around $14 billion - more than Iceland's GDP - on advertising and marketing this year..." Now, this isn't all on smartphones, but that does make up a large part of it.  And it may also be a factor in the fawning press coverage Samsung receives in some publications. 
That could be so for Ireland. But that reporting of "sales" would from the manufacturing company to the sales company which, in Ireland, is separate. But I will admit to not knowing the answer in the case of Apple International. I know it's not the same as for the U.S. but I am not sure how different.
Obviously not ALL PCs. I think what he meant here is that a lot of PCs due for replacement are being replaced with iPads, and some with new PCs. The decline in the PC market bears this out.
Partly. Apple reports sales that it can track, and not inventory in the channel as many others do. Sales at Apple stores or Apple's online store are actual sales. Shipments to reseller stores are, I believe, counted as sales. Shipments to distributors (Ingram, etc) are NOT sales.  So I think that iPhones on a boat or in a warehouse are not yet "sold". The ones, say, at your local Verizon store are "sold".
It might be that Samsung did not seek indemnity but that Google offered it.
I continue to be puzzled by the lackluster sales of the Mac Mini. I have one with Fusion drive and it's great (bumping up memory also helps). It's nice with the two 23" Apple displays too - plenty of screen space.
I don't understand why anyone is falling for these "fast update" programs. Over $3000 for two years - that's just INSANE. I paid full price ($849) for my iPhone 5s and two years of T-Mobile $30/mo. comes to $720. For $1569 grand total (plus the tax, I guess, not included there). Guess some folks got more money than sense.
No amount of money is "irreparable harm". I'm not sure if it's in the definition, but the essence of irreparable harm is that which can NOT be compensated for by money. Such as one's personal reputation, or the market position of a business.. Consider this thought-experiment:  RSA. Many have criticized it lately for its alleged involvement with the NSA. And its reputation has certainly suffered as a result of these allegations. Now consider what might happen if RSA...
New Posts  All Forums: