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True. But they didn't send copies of your prints to all your friends.
Don't like this at all. I mean ... EVERY photo ?? And the setup is sneaky. It goes right away into setup and the only options for "photos to upload" were "all" or "new". How about an option for "None" ?? It does need authorization and asks for it so they get a checkmark on that one. But the only button is "Authorize". There isn't a "Don't Authorize". It took me a minute to realize that the solution was the small "Cancel" button in the status bar. This process feels too...
Ping Pong Nothing more need be said.
Remember that brokers make their commissions on both sides. Both buying and selling. So they need churn. What do we have, folks? Churn.
This fellow's a clown. 1. the time at which you could get an upgrade (without paying full price or ETF) was LENGTHENED and is now 20 months. That's AT&T - no-one else has had iPhone long enough. That's "lengthened", not "shortened". 2. T-Mobile recently said that its competitive position was weakened by NOT having iPhone 3. I'm sure any carrier that wishes can decide to no longer sell/support iPhone. I don't think we'll see a queue for the exit, will we?
AT&T has been saying for years that ".. it is impossible to unlock an iPhone". That's exactly what AT&T Customer Service told me about six months ago when I wanted my iPhone 4 unlocked for international travel. So now it seems that they will unlock it in June when my contract is over. Big deal. They'll let me use the phone that I have paid for !! Bug F deal !! No thank you, AT&T. Too little, too late.
So much for the lies we've been fed "... it is impossible to unlock an iPhone"
I wonder if they'll now drop the surcharge for tethering on iPhones?
Apple cut the price of Aperture from ~$199 to ~$80, so Lightroom is still $70 more expensive. Is it worth the extra $70 ?? [Honest question - I haven't used Lightroom and can't compare]
Bankruptcy judges have wide latitude to handle things that are usually very hard. Such as break contracts, assign property of various kinds, etc. Before you make a claim of "no irreparable harm" you should go to groklaw.net and read the saga of what the bankruptcy judge has done in the case of SCO. Bankruptcy courts don't work the way other courts do and if the patents are sold, to Kodak's benefit, Apple will never see a dime. I don't know, but what I think Apple wants is...
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