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 Actually, it used to do that a bit (think: Nipplegate) but hardly ever does now. I don't see any likelihood for that to change. Why do you??
 Bob: you have entirely missed the point. What the Government is doing here is to make sure that big companies don't restrict YOUR freedom. Under your interpretation, the First Amendment is "anti-freedom". Most of us have long ago seen through the fallacy of that position.
Well, you won't find many U.S. Government departments buying routers from Huawei. Works both ways. It is getting hard to find laptops that weren't made in China though.
2273 albums, 32K "songs". Few of them "match" since they weren't bought from iTunes - maybe a thousand tunes or so. Lots of classical (not all the classical is ripped yet BTW) Your library may vary but iTunes Match is a joke for me.
I did iTunes Match for a year but gave it up when my library exceeded the 25K limit.   After that - it's dead useless. You can't manage what's there, as you can with other Apple services. It's all-or-nothing.   And for the same $25/year Amazon will provide storage for 250,000 songs -- that is TEN TIMES Apple's limit. And you can buy more if you want. Cant't do that with Apple.   What Apple has now is just an embarrassment. If I worked in that area I would be ashamed...
Finished at $133.00. Close to $1000 in pre-split numbers !! That would be at $142.86. Less than ten to go !!
 Well, by that I assume mean groups that not only profess to be Christian but which also behave in a Christ-like way. There are very few which could even approach that standard. BTW - you'll need to get the Constitutional amendment passed for any of this to be a consideration.
Quite right - the future is 95% or more, and it will be here in October.  I am convinced that Samsung's acquisition is not just for the magnetic technology, but for some other capability it has. The straightforward magnetic approach, using the actual credit card number (Primary Account Number - PAN), is dead come October. But it could work if Samsung does tokenization - maybe. The NFC approach is way better because it allows for a richer, bidirectional data...
Well, Apple did a bit more than that. But you're right - the heart of the Apple Pay is the tokenization standard. That's the key part. It was developed by EMV (EuroPay/MasterCard/Visa) and is available to anyone. So anyone is able to implement tokenization. As long as they can get the EMV issuers to issue tokens :)
It does. It mimics the magnetic strip being pulled through the slot. So to the reader it looks exactly like a swipe transaction. As others have said, this goes extinct next October.
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