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 Chip+PIN typically uses a slot reader for "full" transactions, including the PIN. Many (all?) of the cards can also be used contactless (i.e. tap-to-pay) but they aren't "full" transactions as far as I know (i.e. if you tap then you don't enter a PIN). It's true that these would no longer work but a standard card-in-the-slot transaction will work fine even without NFC.
Even Costco accepts American Express.  But as soon as WalMart or BestBuy announce that they will no longer accept credit cards, but only debit cards, cash or CurrentC, then I'll start the popcorn. That will be fun to see.
p.s.  and their action just now also killed PayPass/paywave transactions too as those rely on NFC.   How stupid can you get, when your "even better" system is not yet available.
The killer for me is that these CurrentC folks want DIRECT ACCESS to my BANK ACCOUNT !!   You can't use a credit card.    So, they want me to give them all my personal data, to have and to hold on systems with who-knows-what security, and also let them pull money directly from my bank !!   There's a good reason I never use a debit card in stores. Only at a bank ATM. It's the same reason that says that this direct-access plan is stupid.
No. Not built-in. Yes - swappable.
No. It's saying that the SIM is tied to AT&T. The device is not locked. You can switch networks by buying another SIM. But, still, a dumbass move by AT&T.
Best thing Apple could do here is to "fix" iTunes. Start by separating store and sync (managing devices). Then work on the awful UI. Using iTunes should be a pleasure, not penance.
 Err - no. I've worked with some of these folks and this is a serious ding on professional credibility. Whoever approved it won't be on the signature list for future approvals.
My guess is that some folks at NSA and DISA will be looking for jobs. Or at least some serious re-training time. This is a fiasco of the first order for them.
Consumer Cellular (MVNO with AT&T service) DOES allow tethering, but doesn't mention it on any of their plans. And it's free. You just have to call them and ask for it. They warn you that tethering can run up your data bill, and that's certainly true, but will enable it for you if you want it.   My data usage is mostly WiFi but I do need access for MBP occasionally. For me this is a great solution.
New Posts  All Forums: