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You see how often Facebook changes/breaks its UI, changes/breaks its privacy settings,.. Soon it will change/break WhatsApp, Oculus won't be far behind
 Completely agree with that assessment. No uncaring/reckless outsiders to tell Apple what and how to do things.
Got it. I guess crystalline silicon isn't so different from sapphire that the same process can be used. I can see some possible future use by sandwiching invisible nano circuitry between thin sapphire sheets to do God knows what ;-)
But they used crystalline silicon, not sapphire which is Al2-O3. Strange though, I found an earlier article which used the same exact picture, and they do not mention sapphire:http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/122231-solar-panels-made-with-ion-cannon-are-cheap-enough-to-challenge-fossil-fuels
Sapphire glass is very hard throughout its structure, not just a surface treatment like Gorilla glass. However Gorilla glass may be more flexible.
With this kind of smash and grab becoming popular, Apple should think about implementing security barriers on the sidewalks in front of the stores. And since Apple has invested so much into sapphire glass, use that in the stores' glass fronts
Memory from OWC is also ~$400 cheaper than Apple's.
I'm not sure if such technology exists, but how about piezo pixels within the matrix that not only changed color but also vibrated to create sound? Heck, do away with the normal speakers at the bottom, and use the whole screen as a big speaker. And also embed Touch ID to the bottom half of the screen for good measure.
Didn't show up on my 5s until I turned off wifi and used LTE only. But once it did appear it required wifi to download it Turned wifi back on, returned to update screen, go. Weird.
When I read the headline this came to mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcHWeAzoXd4 Can the Eastern Texas District be slapped a class action suit for mistrials resulting from conflict of interest and corruption?
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