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"though some forum members claim the issue presents itself more frequently when power levels are below 30 percent" yup ! exactly, it's exactly that !
so, it's samsunginsider.com
"Because I like touch screens and I like OSX." I like fish and also strawberry but do I mix them ? NO !
no reason why Os X will not be in maintenance for much longer than 10.9.2 A team will work on bug fixes, others are working on 10.10 - and besides, you are exaggerating bugs. "That was a nightmare for users for about seven months. " ... just a little hype here...
Apple is always doOOOOOMed it's the best story for computing medias since 1982.
it was corrected in 7.0.4
VERY inclusive
"And a quad-core 64-bit A8 SoC." why not an octo-core ? it's better.
"if you think about it" I thought about it, and no, it does not make sense, invalidating your whole theory of "thinking about it".
I like all theses changes. Apple was going too far and it was not helpful for a clear and easy to read interface.
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