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it's all nice and full of dreams but what I still want is an innovative product with full of great ideas and powers in a tiny convenient package to do HEAVY task with CG calculs, image rendering, signal analysis and high resolution image edition to summarize : the best work station with state of art technologies in still a reasonable price. The Mac Pro is already a forward thinking machine, with its own challenges, but it's still intel/amd based, and I don't see how...
since a few weeks, I get one spam every 6 or 7 days, from different unknown accounts.     I used iMessage only with my close family.
a third party keyboard (as on android or anything else) is a software. That software could do ANYTHING with what your type and try to manipulate bugs of the operating system or whatever reviews. for iOS 8, the system will warm if a keyboard want to use internet (for remote treatment for example, to load new kind of dictionaries, or whatever) and ask if you authorize or not. But yes, you should be careful like with ANY software and be sure it's from a well known...
macky the macky 05/27/2014 11:59 PM Amazon also lost me as a customer by gutting Comixology. You can micturate and quote Monty Python as much as you want.
@dickprinter same here. it was described as a bug with a patch soon. I still need time to know if it happens again with 7.1.1
"though some forum members claim the issue presents itself more frequently when power levels are below 30 percent" yup ! exactly, it's exactly that !
so, it's samsunginsider.com
"Because I like touch screens and I like OSX." I like fish and also strawberry but do I mix them ? NO !
no reason why Os X will not be in maintenance for much longer than 10.9.2 A team will work on bug fixes, others are working on 10.10 - and besides, you are exaggerating bugs. "That was a nightmare for users for about seven months. " ... just a little hype here...
Apple is always doOOOOOMed it's the best story for computing medias since 1982.
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