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"It is the something for nothing Google loving crowd that has brought this to bare. Since people are stealing their products by copying and with the recent events where Google and others are copying IP and the courts seem to think you can't protect software, they are locking you in by a subscription model that requires a commitment to their software and their continued development. " hu WHAT ??? There is NOTHING to do with Google, or whatever crazy generation of "google...
"Apple is losing market share worldwide and sales (numbers) are not growing at the pace of others. " it's usual business for Apple. - anyway, the new Windows is Android. Same business, Same road, Same boring stuff.
"They did this with their iPods, offering all different sizes and capacities to reach as broad of an audience as they could. " the ipod mini and then nano were NEVER a cheap product they were great product in their own market, you could say they were the most expensive in their own price bracket of the market. The point is, nano was well designed, good material, rich-feature, sold as a GREAT tiny ipod. and if you wanted what only a bigger design allowed (big screen,...
Useless in France
"Other services, like Google's Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Microsoft's Outlook, are not known to have such measures in place. " WHAT ?
" The fact that (some) shareholders and others want to change Apple from what has made them successful to other business model that havs failed or is failing? Yes, I agree, how arrogant! " YES, it's exactly that. Apple has a specific model, a specific vision, and it's why they can produce the kind of device (and software) they do. If we force a change of their business, to do cheap commodized hardware and software stuff like everyone, the company, as before (end...
I hope Apple will never change their business inherited from Steve Jobs in end of 90s. (of course, to adapt to new technologies, new tools and a new world) Basically : to be a company doing only the best computing device the technology and business allows. - there are others companies for any kind of others needs. But we need, at least, ONE Apple. at least ONE. Let Apple be Apple.
"1. Get Eddy Cue to improve Maps and make it the default on Mac OS X and iOS devices." it is the default on ios. and I could say, Os X too, with iPhoto for example (and the fact, never Os X had a "default" maps choice) "2. Get William Stasior to integrate an advanced search engine and advertising into SIRI and make it the default search in OS X and iOS devices." hu what ? mayyyybe.. even if I love siri, there is no reason I should do all my search by speaking. "Time...
"I wonder if this would push MS so far as to pull their Office apps from iOS completely?" there is no office apps for ios for now. - "I just hope Microsoft doesn't try to get some vengeance on the mac-side of things." Microsoft is soon free of their partnership with Apple for Office on Mac. They may decide to renew it or to stop, we don't know.
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