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"Any sign of multi-user log-in coming to iOS?" in a .x version ? of course not. and I hope never and to forget that all complexity ! - When some people speak about how much to go back to folder (or newstand) is usability nightmare, I _DO_ hope we will see NEVER the coming back of "multi user" complexity.
I don't want a "cosmetic redesign" of the case just because some geeks are bored...   the macpro already has a GREAT case : beautiful, solid, easy to tweak inside, good air cooling, good alimentation.   But if you tell me about an internal redesign, with new features,for example hot plug ssd+hd units, more connectors, and better ideas to improve my workflow and expandability, of course I buy that.   I don't care about a redesign just for the novelty sake,...
"proprietary chip designs" Intel chips are proprietaries too.
I like ical leather and yellow notes. I will be sad if EVERY art is removed from Os X and iOS. gradient is UGLY , metro is boring !
there is a LOT of development around ARM.   x86/ia64 intel is stagnating .  Intel is only one company,  but ARM processors are made and designed by more than 20s companies. it's that huge. of course, we will see fast progress here, no more on x86/ia64 intel.
"I want the option to either stream or download an individual tune, and also the option to delete an individual tune, I don't think that that's asking for too much. " YES ! "Another 20,000 word count mini-novel from DED... Maybe he should just become a full time fan-fiction writer. " they are the best articles : interesting and bold.
I understand your point, but still, Apple needs to inform people of their rights   - In France, Apple store doesn't tell it to customers unless you ask (I tested it, the apple employees was very informative and polite, he explained me than yes, Apple does not communicate that, it's to customers to ASK, then he told me EVERYTHING about the european law )
it's very bad news for editors and authors.   They need to control THEIR price and to avoid consumers think books should be sell for mostly nothing...   The market is not fine at all with so low price.
@845032   what ?
Freedom or Death !
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