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Apple never stole xerox.   Xerox did not wanting to sell products, Apple was one of the company who came to Xerox to see their research.   Apple was impressed, bought rights. Apple developed technology to make UI possible and better on common hardware (motorola at the time). The mouse was also developed to be a real product, not a prototype costing hundred of $.     - you can also see how Apple, Xerox and Adobe worked to develop the first laser printer.
What ? You want Apple to "reconsider" ? On what ground ? Because you are angry people use a website to do what they like ? - You know apple insider itself allow to use Facebook credentials ? It's time you boycott that website too.
Where are you in the last 15 years ?Apple never changed design because you were bored. They improve on it.Did you never see the iPods or MacBook Air ? Never ?
You should read the answer about MBA, iPod and iMac designs. Thanks.
Yes He seems joyful and happy to help people.
even the graphical elements in "game center" are translated but the name. in the main window, is written, in green-yellow text : "Meilleurs jeux de Game Center"
the one true french is the one spoken in France, not Quebec, Sweden, Belgium, Africa... hu... okay... - now seriously : Apple is an american company, yes it's true, but apple should accept to be a GLOBAL company : to translate in local language with all their quirks EACH core applications ! for example in french Os X, _everything_ is translated but "App Store" ... why why ??? "Game Center" in french.. WHY? ALL the text inside "App store" and "Game center" are...
An iPad is already enough to do any thing.
I will buy the Macboo Pro to $2200 (mostly same in euro), the next month. why ? because of the retina screen mostly, and its relative light weight for that kind of power and quality.
no line for me I just ordered it.
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