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"1920x1200 displays for 15" " without bigger police and UI is too little for me. you really want to kill my eyes, no ? - a retina display will allow the same ratio than now for police and the ui and more details in pictures, documents and all.
it was not a flop. it was pretty in line with others macbook, but the ssd option was not often purchased it changed with the ssd macbook air, yes, that was a success, the mba took over the macbook and ssd was viable for consumers.
for any geeks/computers enthusiast from the 80s/90s, it's very hard to forgot the hate for Microsoft very hard, I assure you. I'm joking but it's like I have sometimes to take pills to not hate MS for 80s old stuff... there are so many stories, so many, too much. so many wasted opportunities for greater products and better computers because of Microsoft. You could write books and of course many books was made about these years. So please, understand old geezers. Take...
I would talk for hours, days, weeks(!) about how much Microsoft was a company dishonest, screwing the industry, computers enthusiasts and consumers all together (yes!) and Bill Gates never was the passionate and vibrant person as Steve Jobs. Still, Ballmer I can't respect, Bill Gates, I'm forced to respect him for his acts. He talks and acts a lot for his philanthropy. Maybe he atones for microsoft, some would say, but in the end, it was not so bad (it was just...
no worry with time machine. (I use an apple time capsule). - just put a faster hdd . and yes, to relaunch adobe cs+office can take a time.. sigh. I use lion on a macpro (from 2009), without ssd, and it's all fine. - yes, I disagree : Snow Leopard was NOT that great. It was fine, yes, but Lion bring truly better tools. - okay you want bugs ? some javascript website can forced webkit(safari) to allocate all the memory, forcing a crash of the rendering engine and huge...
in my case, Lion works just fine. Versions is truly useful, quicktime is nice (mplayer and vlc too), iTunes in full screen is great, I like mac os x maintain what apps and documents were opened after a reboot. Launchpad is easy and fast to use. it's just trying to remove all useless fuss and tedious management of computers and it's what I want.
you are wrong. I was there at that time. I read many many texts, explanations, testimonies and articles about Apple, NeXT and others at that time. I saw these software and I read about Jobs presenting all that work and what was apple in that time _yes_, Jobs saved Apple. More exactly, when he succeeded to convince Apple to merge with Next, he bring to them excellent software years in advance to everything, good development tools and excellent engineers. the result paved...
For the load during normal days ! No one on earth today can build a system for that kind of use in extraordinary launch day. Neither apple, neither IBM and no telecom can dimension their network for that. So, just wait. Technology is wonderful but not magical. Internet and modern computers have some serious limits.
Features will not change
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