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no. it was quite vocal in why he doesn't need it and why the linux project will not switch. nothing to do a fuss. beside, the point is : the reason you gave here about why Apple would give up samba cannot be the good one. there are surely a reason, of course, but it's not the one people told here.
NO you are WRONG ! you commentators are wrong about gpl2/3 about the reasons you think it's explaining why apple remove samba you are wrong : GPL 3 ask the same thing than GPL 2. it just has new provision to protect the goal of GPL 2 in remote web services (it was a way to circuvment the GPL 2 : put the modified source code behind a web interface and "voilÃ*" : no need to distribute a binary and then to provide the source code to users !" but for pratical use...
Apple is on the right track to give tools to stop worrying about geeky stuff. People don't want to micro-manage their apps. People hate to think about saving and all Geeks have to accept computers are tools, not the end. - All your point are moot : you can keep one version, you can lock, you can still create just the one version of your will. But you seem to not imagine the actual mess files are for people. I saw terrible things with thousands of documents...
lion enabled applications of course save ALL THE TIME your documents, new or old, "saved" or not, named or not. if you just create a new untitled document, yup, it is saved. - "Save as" is no more in textedit. Now you have "save" who allow you to name the new document or create a new version immediately and "duplicate" to create a new document starting from an old.
NO they shouldn't ! Computers are TOOLS ! Tools have to be EASIER and more EFFICIENT ! _I_ WORK in IT field : I'm a LINUX sysadmin and I help people everyday TOO. and I say : computer were invented to solve problems, not add bazillion of esoteric technicals weird stuff to people life ! I'm very angry, because you sir don't care about people. Apple add many exciting features to Lion , some are for power users, some to help accessibility and a LOT, yes, to improve the...
there are still new things for you to love. I promise.
no you don't agree : voiceover can describe the interface and a list without displaying a "scrollbar". and for universe's sake : they are still AVAILABLE if you want ! they even magically come back if you use only a mouse without tactile or scroll button. isn't the world marvelous ?
no. It's just what you feel. There are many great movies. not all is hollywood blockbusters. Everytime, some "old" (in spirit, everyone can be old suddenly) people come and tell "now it's all dull, in my time, life was great and men were real men, women were real women and little furry creatures was real furry creatures". It's just fact of life. Old people always think the present is dull for whatever reasons. Piracy did not change anything in the content of movies....
You don't need to be totally deaf to need subtitles, time will harm your hearing. So yes, I'm glad CC is an obligation. It's a shame new digital distribution platform does not provide subtitles. it's very useful. Also, my sight is poor but I'm not blind, I use accessibility tools of mac os x and ios every day, I'm glad they exist. - how do you know, noone with some handicap is not trying to work in your field ?
it's not what the article is telling. appleinsider is reporting the launching is "meh" and Microsoft has significant challenge on the market (for once : an open market, the bane of Microsoft)
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