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You don't need to be totally deaf to need subtitles, time will harm your hearing. So yes, I'm glad CC is an obligation. It's a shame new digital distribution platform does not provide subtitles. it's very useful. Also, my sight is poor but I'm not blind, I use accessibility tools of mac os x and ios every day, I'm glad they exist. - how do you know, noone with some handicap is not trying to work in your field ?
it's not what the article is telling. appleinsider is reporting the launching is "meh" and Microsoft has significant challenge on the market (for once : an open market, the bane of Microsoft)
I don't care to any reason you gave here. I just want a slim mac, easy to bring with me, fast to get on, and pleasant to edit documents (iworks one, intranet website, browse internet for documentation) in my work. a mba is enough to read movies. you can really use xcode 4 on it (and of course to connect an external display) and a joy in casual writing and browsing. I'm also glad macbook pro of flaming death are available for others people. the mbp is a great powerful...
No Nintendo is like apple They know how to create software and to keep the control but like Apple their business is to sell hardware. It's not Mario video game who makes the money but the wii and ds. But mario allows to sell many devices.
Nothing change AT ALL. Just air printing
I disagree. I perfectly use it to work. I don't care for whatever you think a computer have to be.
"And will 4.1 fix all the problems with 3G iPhones as well? I noticed no mention of that at all. It's hard to get excited about new Apple products when the ones you have are causing so much grief. " you have no excuse. you asked a question but immediately you go to grief and whatever. don't be surprised. You can continue to be all holier than everyone and pissed.
no more new ipad before, at least, spring 2011.
but I CAN work with an ipad : - omnigraffle - projector - iwork - things - issh - jump - others.. it's not a lie. I use the ipad in my paid job to create and manage documents and tasks. and even some networks monitoring. of course, I still have a mac pro on my desk. but I do not use a macbook anymore.
think about the motherboard. Ram is always changing. take the minimum of ram from apple and go in others resellers to check price. Be careful, you need ecc ram with temperature controller. - of course paying is hurtful. so what?
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