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no problem here (macbook air / macpro nehalem 2009)
Seems Adobe simply is waiting the miracle new cpus and phones from the future (so, in 6 month ) I named that the "Windows 7 manœuvre"
let the computer manage that stuff, like in iphoto or itunes I don't want to "manage file", I have a computer for that !
everyone need to protect his/her culture and to add upon it. The French law was all about to force company to sell product with french translation (for example, rules for a game) never french "insists" everything are "french words". (it would be difficult, we use a gazillion english, italien, arabian and so on words, even some japanese one) - Quebec is a lot of more creative and insisting about french words for everything new and they are great.
apple creates, the industry follows I just wish this time, apple will totally and utterly crush the emulator, forcing the industry to compete with SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR ONCE !
Apple was always like that it's not their first IP process they used patend before, and be agressive and used copyright too, in justice do not make the "but but but.. I thought apple was nice and kissy !..." NO. apple never was that nice and it's one of the reason why Apple is different and stil there. The one time where apple make the error to be too much open (the mac prototype), it was a failure, and in 90s apple was unable to build upon their product and IP. it...
Just like I want it.
about your tv : the DVI connector is PERFECTLY AND TOTALLY FINE ! DVI _IS_ HDMI (without sound and hdcp crypting and some color space which not concern us, for your purpose : DVI = HDMI !) DVI = HDMI so, if your tv gives "weird" picture, you have to check : - your mac use the correct resolution (1080p or 720p ) - your tv is configured to give full-pixel (the whole thing the computer is giving, no treatment, no weird video transformation or...
no trouble from me, in 5ghz ou 2.4ghz beware people : radio is not so easy now. there are MANY THINGS emitting in 5ghz band. - why would like to pay other things and take time to recreate a simple tool like the time capsule ? I don't care AT ALL if I have to pay a little more. It's a service I'm glad to pay. - aperture 3 can take a long time to convert a huge library. and yes your hard drive is very used. your hd is an important part of your computer, you...
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