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because usb3 is not all standard on many pc. as usb2 at first, there are mostly no devices, so no apple. and besides, think about intel chipset. Intel has no usb3 chipset on the market, so no usb3 in apple motherboard. that simple go buy a usb3 card.
apple sell fiber channel card and others usb 3 cards. go buy them. it's an expandable pci-express machine.Me I'm a professional, I need a powerful computer with tons of rams and ethernet 1gb/s copper.
More Gecko, less Webkit, please.
About adobe flash: it's not June. And the demo had some crashes. It's not ready and adobe didn't tell June. It's end of year for now.
Appleinsider didn't Huy stolon good. Ses the difference? No, check your morality. I'm not wondering. Besides,gizmodo also made a fool of the engineer who loose the iPhone and gave all name and details to the Internet. It was despicable. AI never did that.
no problem here (macbook air / macpro nehalem 2009)
Seems Adobe simply is waiting the miracle new cpus and phones from the future (so, in 6 month ) I named that the "Windows 7 manœuvre"
let the computer manage that stuff, like in iphoto or itunes I don't want to "manage file", I have a computer for that !
everyone need to protect his/her culture and to add upon it. The French law was all about to force company to sell product with french translation (for example, rules for a game) never french "insists" everything are "french words". (it would be difficult, we use a gazillion english, italien, arabian and so on words, even some japanese one) - Quebec is a lot of more creative and insisting about french words for everything new and they are great.
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