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it matters because AI touts itself as a legitimate news outlet, not a rumor mill / blogsite. They use terms like "Cupertino-based company" in every friggin article, as if anybody on this site is unaware of where Apple is headquartered. If they're gonna be "journalists" then have an Editor who "edits" posts before they go up.
i find the noises useful - for example i often notice that only 4 clicks registered when the word i was typing should have 5...i'm usually looking at the keyboard and not always the words as they are appearing in the text field.
since when? PS - publicly traded - not public trading
www.pornhub.com on your iPhone - not that i expect you to have an iPhone, teckdud.
Thanks for your utterly irrelevant opinion. I'm sure you've listened to him extensively enough to make an informed judgement.
3.0 now allows parents to block Apps based on age-appropriate ratings.
I for one will not be getting the "premium" package in order to listen to decidedly non-premium content. SiriusXM is a sinking ship. Once Howard Stern retires, i'm probably cancelling my subscription. Satellite radio is a great concept, but just a few years too late.
i've been wondering where Mapquest has been the past few years, while GoogleMaps has been hanging them out to dry. Now we know.
when did this site become, "AppleFansSmokingCrackInsider.com"?
regarding antitrust...it's tricky, but i'd tend to lean towards microsoft on this issue. As far as browsers go - sorry netscape went out of business, but it's not like MS actively blocked people from downloading netscape. I mean, MOST people are unaware of the competitors options. Is it microsofts job to alert people to their competitors?? What other industry works that way? Same thing with AV software. The other options are out there if people want them.
New Posts  All Forums: