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Should have called it GooFi.
Fair enough. I have it set this way. Australian accents always sound wrong when reproduced in foreign t.v. shows or films (and by Siri). Usually its too harsh or exagerated. Maybe that's the way we sound to non-Australians. This is why I prefer the UK English voices. I actually didn't even realise Australians spoke with an accent until I went overseas. :-)
As an Aussie I think the female Australian voice is worse than the current one, and both the male and female responses are not very intelligent.  Should I read something into that?   I like the UK voices and their response is intelligent.    If the female Japanese voice spoke in English I'd use that as my default one.  As it is now I guess my default one would be the UK female voice.
  Nah... Transparent Aluminum I think.
Given my limited attention span for adds all I read was 'Oops' and the Samsung logo.
I presume there are buildings codes that must be adhered to, and these hopefully take earthquakes into account?   I'd be interested to know how all that light coming in through the ceiling affects the viewing experience of the screens? Is there a lot of glare or direct sunlight?
I suspect the push to thinner iMacs is purely to leverage the emotional decision a purchaser makes, i.e. thinner = sexier = more desirable = more sales.
No artificial lighting was used.  There are other windows to the side that would have added extra light, but they are further away.   What technique did you use to balance the light when you took your picture?
Obviously not as much as you.  Yes there is light leaking in, but there are no flourescents.   The conditions were chosen not to take a good picture but test the two cameras under the lighting conditions that may show the problem.
Wow, I was merely trying to demonstrate the difference between the two phones in conditions that would potentially show the problem.   Some of you people really need to think before you type.
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