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The problem isn't needing more than 25K matches songs, the problem is having a music library that is larger than 25K songs to begin with. If you have more than that in your library, iTunes Match won't let you subscribe. It's not like it works for the first 25K then stops, it won't even let you subscribe. Pain in the arse and a completely ridiculous limitation.
Yea  iWatch!  Yea  Customization!  Yea  Features!  Yea!   But will iOS 8.2 finally FIX the Wi-Fi problem that's been plaguing this release, so that the watch, phone, and various Mac's won't always need to be reconnected at the most inopportune moments?  
Adoption and metrics would be reflected as even higher if we could load Yosemite in a Parallels 9 VM...
Okay, so privacy, business leads, data mining, etc., aside, and given that Windows will obviously have to jump into this at some point as well, what about that one, all important factor for the consumer that inevitably gets ignored? Interoperability. Will my Apple Healthkit data be visible to the clinic that decided to use either the Samsung, Google, or Windows version of a health app kit? And when do Verizon, Comcast, and all the rest, get into the fray - come on,...
Really? Is it so absolutely imperative that we maintain our "connected" lives that we can't turn off a damned device (regardless of whether its a tablet or a music device) for the time it takes for an aircraft to get to altitude? I think Sen. McCaskill should work harder on fixing the budget than trying to develop legislation for convenience.
Seeing this, I went and checked my account. Yep - same as the pic in this article, and the date is 2050, however, it says that the plan is 20GB for $40 a year (greyed out, like the disclaimer about downgrading), rather than free, and will be DOWNGRADED to free when the current plan ends in 2050. I hadn't looked at it before, so I don't know if it appeared the same (cost greyed out), but if not, does this mean we're going to start seeing charges? I know some would like to...
Let's see. It's available now for $49.99. Or VMF 3/4 users can upgrade for only...$49.99. WTF?   edit: ah. can upgrade to VM5 Pro for $49.99 (reg $99.99). Meh...
Will it bringing document sync'ing to Windows 7 (and beyond) also? The Windows iCloud Control Panel allows syncing of 'Photo Stream' (as well as calendar items, mail, etc), but no docs. Just curious if this will bridge the document sync gap as well?
all we have to do is make it VM-able and then port iOS X to it. Perfect!
BLUF - Bottom-line upfront. This is old news, there are Android apps available also, and the apps suck by iOS developer standards. Too bad. And also too bad is the fact that this is all AI could apparently find to post as "news".
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