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Wonder if the push notifications being baked into Lion will incorporate system or application level notifications as well (ie, Growl)?
Rumors of a 3G-capable Mac have persisted for years, but the company does not yet sell a notebook with an integrated cellular data radio. Apple even sought to hire a 3G expert for its Mac team in 2009, fueling those rumors that the functionality would be added to a future MacBook. I would seriously hope that at this point in time, if Apple were really considering this, they would really be considering 4G and beyond. What happened to forward thinking?
Don't forget there's more to Apple than iOS. Just sayin'...
It's great that 10.6.5 is rolling around, but I'm honestly surprised that we haven't seen or heard more (nearly ANYTHING for that matter) regarding the NEXT big cat - here kitty kitty kitty...
It would, unless it was intented to draw attention to how laughable the information in the article is...but thanks for noticing
C'mon guys, these look like (or similar to) the same graphs and specs that were in yesterday's report, and there are still faux paux's! There is no mid-2010 2.66 Ghz i5!!!!! Get it right, will ya?
Even though it's been said in a number of previous posts/replies, have any corrections been made? How can you get even the basic model information wrong, and how is someone supposed to make an informed decision based on misinformation? Sure, I could go verify the specs myself via another site, so if I do then what's the point of visiting AppleInsider? Pathetic.
I understand what you're driving at, but seriously, could they bring the Office bloat into an environment with a much smaller performance factor? And once they do, do you think they'll sustain it? We may see it, but I think it will die as quickly as the...what was that thing again they just pulled off the market?
Steve Ballmer - who gives a rats @.. Apologies if I've pushed the edge of decency in the forum.
Seriously? Who ITF died and made you judge?
New Posts  All Forums: