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Steve Ballmer - who gives a rats @.. Apologies if I've pushed the edge of decency in the forum.
Seriously? Who ITF died and made you judge?
So it thwarts the malware, but does it remove the malware should one already have it on their system? How would I know (short of spam email sent from my email account) that I'd actually been infected and should do something about it?
Yes - thanks
I can't imagine why... http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo...eat=directlink
As a student, I was one that kept all of my books (and still have them). If the McGraw-Hills of the world put a "time limit" on usage of their digital education content, how am I (or you) going to keep those for reference. Bad bad idea from my perspective.
Okay, on the morbid side of the humor spectrum, and possibly the reality spectrum as well, how do you then stop someone from using "Bernie" to access Bernie's computer after Bernie's demise?
Why doesn't Apple release 10.5.7 sometime in the next 24 hours? Sheesh!
Cupertino still has no love for its military customers yet either Canada, so don't feel too alone - we're American! Military or militarily-related customers with an APO/FPO box can order and send through a third-party company (like ShipitAPO or APO Box) but incur additional fees for doing so. Would that be more than outright paying for a new iMac at host-country prices? Probably not, but that isn't the point either!
If they forgot to test their own software, why did they include the option to save under the old format?
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