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Is this a launch date for Skylake mobile processors? Otherwise Skylake already came out weeks ago.
Are we not about ready for the GM seed? It must be going or have already gone GM internally if they're keeping to last years schedule???
Gloating is the modern scourge of journalism. It's sick-bucket stuff. Who cares if they got it wrong? What will be will be.
Totally with you dude. Well done for being brave enough to say. I see the "DED trolls" are out to get you. Obviously not a democracy here. How dare you have your own mind!
256kbps AAC is supposed to equate to 320kbps MP3 so comparing bit rates of different formats is dumb. "Mastered for iTunes" is supposed to sound better... so one could take the next step and say that such Apple streams will be better than 320kbps MP3.
Allelujah! Amen.
Did he actually say iPhone and Mac were cannibalising iPad? Wouldn't it make more sense that people may have been waiting to invest in Apple Watch rather than buy an iPad? Maybe upgraders felt that they didn't want to shell out for both a new iPad and an Apple Watch this Spring??? I suppose the iPad isn't quite innovating as much as the other products. Not enough changes between iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Perhaps the 12" iPad will reinvigorate those figures. I'm still...
Honestly sick of people going on about USB-A ports and SD card slots. It's embarrassing. Thank god that Katherine finally said something sensible. I think anyone going on about USB-A and SD card slots should lose their job in technology journalism. I'm a right Anna Wintour. Not only are those dead tech, the damn product isn't aimed at professionals [still using old tech]. I'm in tech and I barely use the USB-A ports (only for iOS devices and thats only for charge...
It's not high-resolution playback. That's considered to be 24-bit/48-96KHz. They or AppleInsider shouldn't be using that term to describe CD quality. Even using the term high fidelity is offensive to me. It's the equipment that would be responsible for that. I know they acknowledge this in the materials but there's a lot of people who won't get it and be swept up by the hype. TIDAL only offers CD quality 16-bit/44.1KHz....
It's all marketing hype. It's just 16-bit CD quality audio on TIDAL. Apple needs to go 24-bit with Beats. Qobuz already been doing this for ages.
New Posts  All Forums: