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The IP addresses is the wrong focus. Apple can permit managed service partners to use their range. The key thing looks to be the domain in use: aaplimg.com
I don't think this is right. Akamai/Edgesuite can use Apple's address space too. Take the APNS farm for example. Look up gateway.push.apple.com and you'll see it's not serviced by Apple as such but they're using Apple's address range. They always have. That's why Enterprises have been able to configure firewall rules for the network. Just because it's a 17 address, doesn't mean it's Apple data centres.
Sorry Daniel but I struggled to find the point of this article other than it sounds like it's written by a WWDC virgin. I didn't see anything that details anything new. WWDC has not really changed and has always been what you described. Anyone with the money to buy the ticket can go to this. There's not some mind of members-only club. There used to be a huge "IT admin" contingent, a member of which I was. They were squeezed out several years ago to make more room for...
Skylake is two processor generations away. Broadwell comes first and isn't due until Q4 '14 at the earliest. So I'd be really surprised if Skylake appears before 2016. Skylake also supports PCI-E 4.0. So it's a bit odd or disapointing that this generation of Thunderbol wouldn't want to be paired with that.
@rogifan Who said Forstall was the father of the iPhone? Steve Jobs holds that title by himself. Forstall could be called the father of iPhone OS/iOS. Not quite the same. Ive was responsible for the physical appearance of the device; What would mean more to everyday people, I.e. What meant more to Steve. He always involved Schiller around that era. So no oddities here.
And the prize for some of the longest sentences in history goes to%u2026 an English teacher would have a field day here.
Geez another total spaz of an article. Sometimes it's like people were just born in the last five years. This build number is nothing to read into whatsoever. This articles own evidence defeats its argument. They used to do one build a day, years ago. Don't think that's always the case these days. If they started 10.9 the day after GM'ing 10.8, does that come to roughly this build number in days?
Funny to see everyone attacking the comment about schools needing an ODD. I'm with them. I work closely with Schools ICT Support and Service Development. Shame the author is out-of-touch... or the schools he/she knows are out-of-touch.
Can't get this to work on iPhone 5. Just get black screen with the blue menu bar. Must be deliberately designed to make people upgrade to the more secure iPhone 5.
It's important to note that 7 million represents only 1.4% of iOS devices out there.
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