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Ouch. I guess a real press organisation might expect a resignation over this. #Awkward
Articles like this should be informed enough to know not to compare clock rates of different processor ranges and generations. Comparing the clock rate of a Core M to that of a Core i5 is just plain dumb.
Last statement in the article needs to be removed. This app did not replace OWA app.
The only thing that would impress me would be a curved LED Retina iMac with Broadwell. A higher rez screen and a 3D logo isn't enough to make me open my wallet.
Why does that site display the version numbers wrong for Apple TV? They've even gone to there effort of displaying file names which don't exist. I can appreciate the thinking that Apple TV firmware is released alongside that for other iOS devices and they're overruling Apple's thinking to help consumers understand but it's just annoying. If Apple does what it does then accept it. The product marketing versioning of Apple TV firmware does not align with iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
Young fashion-conscious people? I don't think so. Lol Maybe if it had been round with straps by Burberry or Dior but otherwise this is one fugly beast that only geeks and special needs people would be seen dead with. The sports purpose has potential and I think that's where they should have left it. This could be a huge failure and would highlight that Tim may not have been the best choice for Apple.
The IP addresses is the wrong focus. Apple can permit managed service partners to use their range. The key thing looks to be the domain in use: aaplimg.com
I don't think this is right. Akamai/Edgesuite can use Apple's address space too. Take the APNS farm for example. Look up gateway.push.apple.com and you'll see it's not serviced by Apple as such but they're using Apple's address range. They always have. That's why Enterprises have been able to configure firewall rules for the network. Just because it's a 17 address, doesn't mean it's Apple data centres.
Sorry Daniel but I struggled to find the point of this article other than it sounds like it's written by a WWDC virgin. I didn't see anything that details anything new. WWDC has not really changed and has always been what you described. Anyone with the money to buy the ticket can go to this. There's not some mind of members-only club. There used to be a huge "IT admin" contingent, a member of which I was. They were squeezed out several years ago to make more room for...
Skylake is two processor generations away. Broadwell comes first and isn't due until Q4 '14 at the earliest. So I'd be really surprised if Skylake appears before 2016. Skylake also supports PCI-E 4.0. So it's a bit odd or disapointing that this generation of Thunderbol wouldn't want to be paired with that.
New Posts  All Forums: