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Geez another total spaz of an article. Sometimes it's like people were just born in the last five years. This build number is nothing to read into whatsoever. This articles own evidence defeats its argument. They used to do one build a day, years ago. Don't think that's always the case these days. If they started 10.9 the day after GM'ing 10.8, does that come to roughly this build number in days?
Funny to see everyone attacking the comment about schools needing an ODD. I'm with them. I work closely with Schools ICT Support and Service Development. Shame the author is out-of-touch... or the schools he/she knows are out-of-touch.
Can't get this to work on iPhone 5. Just get black screen with the blue menu bar. Must be deliberately designed to make people upgrade to the more secure iPhone 5.
It's important to note that 7 million represents only 1.4% of iOS devices out there.
GCD was designed to prevent developers from needing to recode their apps to be multithreaded. It's not about support cores. Given iOS is UNIX based, like OS X, it has always supported multiple cores from day one. GCD helps but GCD depends on the kernel. I don't think there has ever been a UNIX kernel that can't cope with as many cores as you can throw at it. Yep... we're in a new era where total ignoramuses are writing this crap and all the stupid people are lapping it...
Does anyone else find that the Music app plays the wrong song after downloading from iTunes Match? It shows the correct track name and artwork but it's a different song it plays until I force quit the Music app. It's like they never tested it.
Still doesn't support web proxies for Enterprises that have to use them.
Is there any correlation in manufacturing location? That's the first three digits of the serial number. My iPhone 5 that had the cosmetic issue was made in location C38.
Wow, Google fails to deliver web proxy and authentication support again. Plus it's not even a Universal app. Who have they got doing this development!?! Major amateur.
It's not really a first look is it? This is the second beta of the Facebook integration. The first was available to developers prior to the release of ML.
New Posts  All Forums: