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Wow, Google fails to deliver web proxy and authentication support again. Plus it's not even a Universal app. Who have they got doing this development!?! Major amateur.
It's not really a first look is it? This is the second beta of the Facebook integration. The first was available to developers prior to the release of ML.
Apple's had speech recognition technology since way back in the day. It was in Classic/legacy Mac OS. Surely Apple has speech recognition patents of its own significantly predating these. I see a lot of things like this where it seems people just weren't aware of what Apple had back in the 90s, etc. and think that because they see Apple doing things now that it's only just started doing them. It's only because it's way more visible.
Am I the only one thinking this patent and the one involving Time Machine are NOT Cover Flow!?! Apple doesn't call Time Machine's GUI Cover Flow. It isn't flowing covers and doesn't even look like Cover Flow. The patent the main part of the article is talking about seems to be about the Apple TV interface. Yes AppleInsider is falls VERY short of describing Cover Flow because that's not its intention. Apple clearly had iterations of the iTunes store in mind with the '360...
 Here here! This is such a 'no sh1t sherlock' article. Clearly written by a newbie within the AppleInsider staff. They've always had a tick tock approach to this. If they'd said no Office for Mac 2014, then they would have gotten my attention. The next version of Office for Mac was always going to be at least 2014.
The MacPro1,1 and MacPro2,1 do not have integrated Intel graphics and cannot run Mountain Lion. The problem is primarily the 64-bit kernel needing 64-bit EFI. Apple has stated this and has not stated it having anything to do with specific GPU's.
"A report from CNET has found that the Thunderbolt update applies to a single kernel extension called "IONetworkingFamily.kext" and is possibly carrying a bug that makes the connectivity kernel incompatible with Lion Macs. The report also noted the process of installing the new Thunderbolt software cannot be reversed since it is an update to an extension and not the installation of a completely new kernel." WTF!?! Who wrote this? This is utter nonsense. The very fact that...
Gareth just updated to confirm passcode-protected iOS devices are safe provided the thief or attacker does not have access to a computer which knows the passcode. One which hasn't synced that iOS device. Everyone needs to passcode and encrypt your iTunes backups. Plus put a password on your computer accounts. If possible encrypt your full drives. If you've got a Mac running Lion, turn on FileVault!
This is another scaremongering story which fails to point out that if people secure their iOS device with a passcode then it won't be accessible to a thief who does not get the passcode. Setting the simple passcode off allows for complex passwords which makes the data even safer. Yes FB and DropBox should be using the data protection API's but they only provide protection with a passcode too. They're just an extra layer of protection or like a secondary encryption. Users...
Absolutely right and I tried to tell AppleInsider that but they don't listen as much as they used to. The Mac requirements have almost nothing to do with the GPU. ML does not require a heftier GPU. It is purely about the 64-bit kernel. The 64-bit kernel only runs on Macs with EFI64. To find out if you have EFI64 you need to run: ioreg -p IODeviceTree -w0 -l | grep firmware-abi If you don't get EFI64 in the output then you ain't running ML. So yes the MacPro1,1 is EFI32 and...
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