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This definitely is a "no sh!t Sherlock" article.
The vSphere 5 official stuff has confirmed what badtux said. This article raised everyone's hopes for nothing. It's just the first time vSphere has supported Apple Xserve hardware. Kind of late to the party. Very odd, considering it was already defunct. It should be supporting Mac Pro Servers. They've got a bit on the logic board which identifies them as a Server rather than a workstation. The Mac mini Server has one too. This is just an ID bit though. Anyone with AASP...
GOLDEN not Gold! Also Guiness would like to talk to you about the world record for longest sentences.iCloud will not be built-in to the initial release of Lion as iCloud doesn't launch til Fall. iCloud will be a separate update/install.
400MB/s is quite rubbish by today's standards. This is an odd article. It's as though it's something special. It's just an indication that the new Sandy Bridge chipsets include SATA 6Gbps. It's actually disappointing to see Apple only provide 400MB/s. They should be providing 520MB/s or better. Also it is the IOPS that are important to, for every day usage. I bet you the IOPS on the SSD they provide are rubbish by today's standards too. Apple has a history of being behind...
Golden Master! Not Gold Master (old fashioned CD term).
Yep, I wouldn't expect Apple to release a new Mac Pro until the Sandy Bridge-E chips are available. The non-E ones do not compare to the level normally used. To use current non-E Sandy Bridge would be a downgrade. Sandy Bridge-E not due til Q4 as Marvin said.
DVD install is painfully slow. Praise be to the sense to get rid of them.
Aw, I read this headline expecting something new and exciting. They have those screens EVERY year. Author must be a WWDC-virgin.
Why is there a picture of Moscone South? WWDC is at Moscone West. The only point in queing earlier than 7am is to get closer to the front. I've always queued from about 7/7:30 and have been fairly happy where I've been sat. It really makes no difference. I've already seen Steve up close in 2001. Once was enough.
Wonder if Apple is using a version of Cougar Point with SATA 6Gbps. If they are, has it been limited in firmware. Remember they did that a while back? Limited a SATA 3Gbps system to 1.5Gbps and then later released a firmware update to remove the limitation. People might want to fit a 6Gbps SSD. I hope Apple's SSDs for these models have 6Gbps controllers.
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