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Wonder if Apple is using a version of Cougar Point with SATA 6Gbps. If they are, has it been limited in firmware. Remember they did that a while back? Limited a SATA 3Gbps system to 1.5Gbps and then later released a firmware update to remove the limitation. People might want to fit a 6Gbps SSD. I hope Apple's SSDs for these models have 6Gbps controllers.
Seems it's still too early for USB 3.0. Cougar Point chipset doesn't incorporate it so Apple isn't likely to go out of its way to include it via another chip. Suppose someone could always make a Thunderbolt to USB 3.0 adapter.
Are you just being funny? If not, the extra two pins on a Mac are for power supply. They have nothing to do with data rate capabilities. 4-pin FireWire is just as good as 6-pin FireWire in terms of throughput. Nothing really pansy about them.
Did I misread this article or is it actually calling HSPA+ 4G or phones with HSPA+ 4G?I don't see how or why. Strange comment to make. HSPA+ has nothing to do with 4G.
This is typical MS not knowing its arse from its elbow. Balmer and Gates hate optical discs just like Steve Jobs. They don't like Blu-ray either and want to skip straight to digital copies but here we have the idiots they hire to do advertising for them coming up with something which focuses on a tech the company's official ethos doesn't agree with. They do this time and time again.
Seriously... multi-page article on scroll bars. Dozens of you talking about it? Are you kidding me?
God do none of you appleinsiders look up facts before stating complete nonsense. TRIM is a hack? TRIM isn't standard? TRIM is software? lol. WTF!?!
I'm confused by the significance of this. My Ford has a USB port. I plug in my iPhone 3GS running 3.1.3 and the car takes control of the iPod functionality. Bluetooth handles the Phone functionality. Ok, admittedly I either rely on the Bluetooth Audio or a mini-jack cable to input the audio. So perhaps this is about audio output via USB.
Totally agree. The performance improvement is very small for the length of time we've waited for these. I appreciate CPU supply was to blame, but still. As usual, no sign of a spec for the SSDs they're supplying. I was horrified when I got an Xserve with an Apple SSD and it had the performance of a 2007 SSD. About 90MB/s. Pathetic by 2009 standards and simply embarrassing by 2010 standards.
I love it when people start talking about something they obviously have no clue about. Core Animation has nothing to do with hardware acceleration of video. It can utilise the GPU but it's for user interface animation. OpenCL also has nothing to do with hardware acceleration of video. This is where a GPU can be used for general purpose processing not graphics or video processing. This article is strange in that they talk about 10.1 as though it's what Steve Jobs...
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