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Her name should be "Norad Krall" muahaha
  Here I thought you were smart Jeff, people want both, people always want both.  
they would never smoke crack in Cupertino but they do have some kush that would rock your sh*t, that patent where they "pour" information from one device to another still boggles my mind..  
that emblem sucks balls.
sucks because I'm tired of Intel. Go ARM! (Hurry)
This is a good segue for the keyboard, I personally thought they were going straight to multitouch panels, sort of a like a Nintendo DS.
I can almost guarantee Office won't be available on the App Store, will they switch to USB distribution? Heh, never thought the day would come when MS had to play by Apple's rules like this.
Launchpad / Mission Control These work nice. In MC I removed Dashboard, and messed with the settings. I set both of these to a hot corner, and now they're even better. Gestures Trackpad gestures are better than Magic Mouse not just cause there are more, they just make a little more sense. I'm a personal fan of MM, but for those who have the wireless trackpad with their Macs, you will have a better time. AutoSave / Resume This is just fantastic to have on the desktop....
For 1, there is a setting in the Appearance prefpane, set it to small.I have my questions, how do I change my shortened username? The one that also tags the Home folder of the user? (it's not in the Accounts prepane, and it seems I can't even rename it from the left hand pane in Finder)Please help.
New Posts  All Forums: