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 Indeed, the fact that Apple's devices (including the computers now) all require an individual consumer Apple ID to work properly is the biggest issue facing those who wish to deploy classroom sets, or work computers in general.  They still haven't got bulk purchasing worked out properly and in most schools that I've worked with, having an institutional account connected to a credit card is a non-starter in any case.   There are numerous problems associated with using...
 More like, "Best evidence yet that restricting YouTube and Facebook is silly."  What could they possibly do with access to either that is wrong or that they can't normally do on any other computer?   Device management wise, I think the mistake is letting them take them home at all.  Within the school grounds they can be easily managed and maintained.  Once you give them to the students to take home, you should expect to lose all control regardless.  
 A dreamworld.  You are living in, it is.  
 Yeah, but the Kindle Fire (and most Kindles in general) are intended for the seniors in your life.  The people that don't understand the difference between an eReader and a tablet and have no clue about technology. Also, Amazon's main customer base are the cheapskates of the world, the people who just want things for free or cheap and don't care about quality.  For those groups of people, the issues you raise are non-existent.  
 I put it in my sig, but the thing is they are using a new "Huddler" moderation system that isn't under their control at all.  So I haven't tried it, but I think if you complain about someone they receive points, and eventually get banned and it's all automatic.   The bad part is that once you are banned, you can log in, but you can't see your PM's and therefore you don't have any idea why you were banned or how long it's going to last.  It's like a great dark hand...
 Indeed, why do they constantly give these guys a platform for their old-fashioned views without any criticism?  I enjoy the tear downs just like I enjoy Linux sometimes but that doesn't mean I want to buy into the outdated philosophy behind either. 
 I don't see anything unreasonable in your story at all.  A four year old computer that's well out of it's warranty cost you a tiny bit of money to repair.  So what?  If you bought some other kind of computer that was easier to repair yourself and thus saved that money, you would have spent money in the interim on some other aspect of that cheaper and less well constructed computer for certain.  You are just not looking at the big picture.  The only other all-in-ones on...
 I'm 100% confident that you should shut up though.  You're supposed to be a moderator.  What's the point of making snide comments to people who are experiencing a bricked Apple TV other than purposely being a jerk and pissing people off?   The stupid thing about this bricked Apple TV thing is that the cable you need to fix it is the cable that you will most likely have around if you have an Android phone.  micro A is not that common of a cable and not only that, they...
 Yeah, I don't quite believe that his kids don't like it either.  The fact that he felt he had to mention that twice seems suspect to me.   Even if he's telling the truth about that, the thing about kids is they adapt easily.  Within a day or two they will be loving it and grouchy old guy will still hate it.  
Quote: Originally Posted by AppleInsider  ... Apple TV 6.0 also adds access to purchases from the iTunes Music Store, and allows users to sync their podcasts. ...   This is probably just poorly worded on AppleInsiders part as usual, but the current Apple TV software already does this.  
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