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 Well, I typically *go* there once every day or two, but other than the email it's not very functional so I don't actually "use" the apps unless it's a dire emergency.  I was using a colloquialism I guess. 
 I think it's pretty neat looking and very much something Apple would do.  There are Apple TV screen savers that are almost identical.   It really makes the iWork icons look awful though and it would be much nicer if we had the ability to hide/delete the icons that we don't need.  I never intend to ever buy or use Keynote for instance, so why do I have to stare at it every day?  
 Isn't this actually proof that it's overpriced?   It's easier and cheaper to produce, but it's priced the same as the old expensive, hard to produce metal ones.  Ergo, Apple is getting more money for the 5c than is absolutely necessary.  They are artificially keeping the price high and making more profit than they were before.  
 I like how they made it purposely ridiculous looking (and easy to lose), just to illustrate how dumbass the "edict" is in the first place.   
 I've heard the same rumours, but I can't figure out why this would be the case.  If it's the fingerprint sensor or the A7 chip then they will have huge problems releasing iPads next month.  It seems odd that they would have planned that poorly.  I think the rumours might be just more analysts mis-reading the supply chain.  
 Inside, they mostly look identical.  The only ones worth reporting are those with different exterior architectural features.  The one in Asia with the glass cylinder and the original cube are almost the only ones that qualify.  A few others have interesting architectural features, but this one is only being reported because of the "patriotic" connection but it doesn't actually have any interest as a store at all.  It's just another "America! **** Yeah!" kind of article.  
Considering every single Apple store looks the same, these constant articles on new Apple stores are possibly the most boring, waste of time kind of stories you people post. Who gives a crap about a new store in a new mall anywhere?
 But they didn't.  Nokia did.   I would also bet money that the emphasis on the camera will actually diminish if not disappear entirely in the next line up of "Microsoft made" phones from what was formerly Nokia mobile.  It isn't a business feature at all and the priorities are about to change rather radically.  
So sad.  Not even funny and makes no sense at all.  Really quite *below* the level of "College Humour" or cracked.com   I'm all for sending up Apple and I don't think it's a bad tactic from an advertising point of view, but this is just a poor effort all round.     Can't we get more interesting articles here?  Like what about talking about whether the iPad mini will get the A7?  Or whether it will come in gold?  
 I'm really happy that they brought back the dock.  I hope it works with the 5 as well (I can't see why it shouldn't), as I'm still not sold on the 5s.   It's a good upgrade but a thousand dollars every year for a new phone is a bit much, I'm really disappointed that Apple hasn't made any attempt to produce a cost effective phone yet or any other alternative to this silly system.  
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