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 Just because no one has countered this, I have to say this is quite unlikely to be true as the phones are a different shape and thickness. 
 I'm not sure what th point of getting the gold one is if you are going to put it in the red case that literally covers every inch of it.  
 Sorry this is really not true, or at least quite a bit of an exaggeration.  The front facing camera is ever so slightly updated.  The battery is ever so slightly bigger.  Everything else is exactly the same.  These are the kind of differences that are often made to a product mid-cycle without even being mentioned. It's really disingenuous to say that this isn't basically the same phone.  It's so slightly different that it really makes no difference at all. 
 No.  You're dead wrong.  I agree with your assessment of the device but you are forgetting that people are generally idiots.   You are assuming that because logically the iPhone 5c is a sort of a con, that people will "think" about it and "decide" not to buy it.  This "thinking" and "deciding" really has very little to do with retail sales however.   Ask anyone in the business.   Even if sales are low, all they have to do is put them at eye level in the front of the store...
 They may, they may not.  We don't know yet. 
The three main things I keep thinking about a 64bit iPhone are:   1) Unless you play games, you don't need this "power" at all.    therefore   2) It's main, and almost only real use will be in iPads    therefore   3) If the next iPads don't have an A7 in them, they kind of have a "negative" before they are even for sale.    Maybe that vague rumour about a second iPad mini update in mid 2014 is because the one they are going to sell next month is only 32 bit and...
 I don't know why they don't buy Blackberry.  I'm no expert, but from what I've heard it's a modern OS built on a unique Unix kernel.  At least it would give them something to build on that makes more sense than a rip-off of Java bolted onto a rip-off of Unix.  
Laminating sheets of sapphire sounds really hard. 
 I don't think it ail be a failure per se but it will be problematic to some degree, and like most things Apple does it will have a high profile and be a "first experience" for a lot of folks, and the media and as such will carry the can for all the problems and mistakes that anyone has ever experienced with any kind of fingerprint recognition.   I can see the word "fingergate" hovering in the distance.  
 I could be wrong of course, but as far as what I have read of Apple's promotion materials and seen of how it's being marketed, what you are saying here is completely wrong.   It is in fact being marketed to people who don't use passwords or haven't used passwords before.  It is in fact being marketed primarily as a way to unlock the device, not as a way to access the store.   Hopefully there is language in the tutorial that says something on the order of "use your AppleID...
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