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 Double-tap to play back music on ever worked on the lock screen AFAIK.  So it could still be there.  I think the OP was believing it was gone based on the erroneous idea that the button didn't physically move anymore. 
I find it funny how they are really de-emphasising the white iPhone 5s this time around.  It's hard to even find a clear picture of it on their website.  They have that horrible gold model front and centre.  I find the whole website presentation a bit tacky and garish this time around also.  Perhaps they are finally losing the mojo.     I'll take bets right now that the iWatch is if not a flop, then something that has a lukewarm reception, and that they struggle in the...
 Indeed.  But the cases work because they make the iPhone 5c look "whoreish".   the fact that you have to pay extra for them works too because if you buy an iPhone 5c and the case with it, you have just spent within 60 bucks of the full price for this years's iPhone.  So you are spending almost the same money, and you are getting last years phone tarted up in a cheap coloured plastic case.   A better metaphor for a tired old hooker I can't think of.  
Finally a fucking dock!  About time. 
 Infuriating.  They *also* fail to actually clearly demo what's going on, or how it actually works.  Then they do ten minutes of blah blah about the (slightly) better camera.   Grrr...  It's the flagship feature of the new product.  Why isn't Apple providing any information on this?  
"Touch ID can be used for passcodes to unlock the device ..."     What does this actually mean though?  If TouchID (a fingerprint) can be used to unlock the device, why not say that?  Does this mean you need a fingerprint *and* a passcode to unlock the device?  In conjunction with the picture posted beside the statement this is clear as mud.  
You always say this because yes, we don't know the specific specs of the phone.But for most folks, knowing what it looks like, what each part that goes into it looks like, having high resolution photos of same to pour over, knowing what the packaging looks like, what the marketing materials and how to's look like, along with detailed inside information of the new OS it will run, complete with video walk throughs of every feature is indeed "Knowing everything about the new...
None of these make as much sense as "TouchID" to me.What does it do? It identifies the user to the phone or to services the phone is connected to.How does it do it? You touch it. In the circle.It might be 20-20 hindsight, but both the name and the removal of the roundedrect icon makes total sense IMO.
 Nah, then you'd have people talk about "fingering" their iPhones.
 This would seem to be a faulty analysis in that it seems based on the widely disproven notion that people actively upgrade based on a rational, analytical analysis of the feature sets of this or that OS.   It seems more likely to me that a greater proportion of older, less capable and more tech wary users are using iPads versus iPhones who are scared to upgrade or don't know how.  My personal observations and experience would certainly bear this out.  
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