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 Nintendo is going down before Sony.  http://www.asymco.com/2013/09/09/game-over/
Proves yet again that besides being just a horrible human being, Bono still has no taste.   The ugliest iPod ever made, and now the tackiest earbuds.  
 Setting third party apps as default won't change any of the problems you mention here though.   I agree it would be nice to do so, but it's unlikely to ever happen and the issue here is webkit and app design, not which app launches. 
Because that's what we need, yet another Adobe application. Yet another "feature," that's really a *patch* for a f*ckup in one of their other apps, elevated to the status of an app itself. Go Adobe!
 There is absolutely nothing about the NFC portion of this patent that couldn't also be done with bluetooth in a much more secure way however.   And whether with bluetooth or with NFC, the important part is the fingerprint scan itself. "Waving" the phone as well as "pushing" the home button are not really necessary.  Once the fingerprint scanner is securely paired with the device and the fingerprint is required to open or use the device, then the mere presence of the...
This would appear to be simply a possible extension of the fingerprint sensor technology that will be employed in the iPhone 5s, not necessarily the technology itself. The author is wrong to imply that this patent indicates that the NFC technology will be present in the soon-to-be announced device. NFC need not ever be present in any iOS device for this to be a reasonable patent for Apple to apply for.
 Read what I said.  In Canada, a brand new Android phone is basically $300, off contract.  This is the common price.  Some are more expensive, but they don't even come close to the price of an iPhone.  Most folks buying a new phone start with an Android model at about $300.  I thought it was the same in the USA, if it's not apologies but I wasn't arguing that it was.   I also said that I thought it more likely that it would be $450.  
 Well, obviously I meant "inexpensive" relative to what the product is, or to other competing products in the market.  By that metric, the shuffle is indeed expensive.  Apple has a long history of maintaining an absolutely huge margin on their products and I'm not arguing it hasn't served them well.  But for the same reason, they have rarely if ever made an "inexpensive" product, because everyone else is always going to be selling at a smaller margin.  I think that to meet...
 I think it would be a miracle if Apple could actually produce an inexpensive product.  It would certainly be a first for them.   However, from a marketing perspective, I still think the price they should hit (if they can) is actually $300.  If they don't hit that, then the 5c will be a very limited success and people will still be talking next year about "why can't Apple make a cheaper (than the 5c) phone?"   Currently, at least in Canada, if you go into any cell phone...
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