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 I think it's because the manufacturing process is both cheaper and faster.  If the product is successful at all, it will sell in even higher volumes than the current iPhone which already sells in ridiculously high volumes.  It will also probably change each year so there is a limited amount of time to ramp up production each year.   When you design a product, you generally design how you want it to look based on it's function but you also design how it is made based on...
 This is pure fantasy.  You are dreaming.   I blame motion pictures.  Stop watching Iron Man and Star Trek.  None of this kind of thing is possible today and none of it is even "just around the corner" despite over 40 years of people saying so.   Personally, I believe it's possible Apple will make a bigger phone and to those that argue about one hand operation, they will just say "Well, different sized people have different sized hands so we are now making two (or three)...
 If they did refresh it would be the fastest ever since they just refreshed about 7-8 months ago.  The only reason to do a hardware refresh now would be if they have a substantially different device to sell.  
 I think the implication is that the content is not actually on the phone but still owned by the person who owns the phone.  You are assuming it's a standard Airplay situation instead.  
  … in the USA. 
 Agreed.  I guess I am appalled by my idea of what it will look like.  I can't see how it won't break up the "all black" look we've all gotten so used to though.   
 Not that I'm defending their reality, but it could makes sense in light of the plain blue, pink, green etc. backgrounds on the iPhone 5c's.  If the iPhone 5s is being marketed similarly, then the backgrounds on the box art would be black, white, champagne and grey accordingly.  I'm more appalled at the aesthetics of having a silver ring on the black face of the phone in the first place.  It would look at home on the white models, but the slate black ones will look kind of...
 Probably next year though.  (iPhone 6c)
 Does anyone else hear Burl Ives?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY-XDQN6ipE
 This isn't a bug it's a "feature."  Sadly, it's a feature that has been present in Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion.   I've lost count over the last few years of the number of times that my TV went completely black because the computer running iTunes in the next room fell asleep suddenly, or the number of times I've been woken up at 3:00 AM when the bedroom computer suddenly lit up like a christmas tree simply because some daemon was doing it's thing.   Even...
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