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  I agree.  The only read I can get on this so far is that Google seems to be maneuvering to "take over" the lead of WebKit.  Because of their break-neck "caution to the wind" development cycles, the fact that they have more developers working on it in general, and the fact that Opera, and a lot of the other developers will immediately "join" their fork, they are hoping to wrest control of the standard from Apple's fingers in some way.     Even though that's a bit like...
Sounds good to me. F*ck Big Brother, the DEA, the American Government and all those other peepers that infringe upon our freedom. Fascism is still a bad thing AFAIK.
    I know, he's so unnecessarily, over-the-top aggressive that it makes me think that "JamieLeSouef" is actually code for "Shia LeBoeuf."       He seems to actually know things though, so that can't be true. 
Has anyone else noticed how this new engine (regardless of what one thinks of forking), is named after the most hated HTML tag of all time and the very tag that was perhaps emblematic of web fragmentation?  The tag that essentially *started* the problem with web fragmentation?   Coincidence?  I think not!  
  This is pretty poor reasoning.  Lots of things can create or aide in the creation of a monopoly.  They don't have to be the same type of thing to do it. 
  I find all that stuff about the name very funny now.     Mot of the (ahem) "leading members" of this forum (or those that think they are) believed the name to be a complete fail.     The tech writers and pundits getting it wrong is understandable IMO, what I find more shocking is some of the so-called "visionaries" like Bill Gates not getting it at all. I have never understood why anyone thinks Bill Gates knows shit about technology or science.  He so clearly doesn't at...
  3 years is not really "quite a while ago" even in the computer world. 
  Possibly.  No one really knows what they are going to do.     If they do it the way you suggest however, that would mean changing the function of the home button substantially.     For instance if you have to lay your finger on the button as described to be scanned, then that changes the action from "pressing the button" to "holding your finger on the button but not pressing it."  Even if they allow for pressing, it becomes necessary to change it from a press to a long...
  Yes, but for the same reasons you originally mentioned, the home button would be an awful location for the scanner if it could instead be placed under the screen.  Then, when you turn on the phone, instead of presenting you with "swipe to open" it could instead present a scanner for whatever finger (or fingers) you've set up as security.     The company they recently bought had just invented a new technology that allowed fingerprint scanners to be integrated into a...
  You're assuming that the scanner is under the home button when there is no reason to do so.  Also, they will probably let you pick which finger you use in that if they didn't, huge numbers of people couldn't use the phone.  
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