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Photos are often the biggest space consumers. There are other options. I quit backing to iCloud & backed mine up to Google+, you get 15GB for free. Flickr is also an option - up to 1TB. Both can be set so only you can view them. Didn't do Flickr, but Google+ worked automatically, no need to manually copy 1800 photos on my iPhone.
I got a notice that I was over the limit of 5GB, and would loose data on the downgrade. A check showed 4.6 of 5.8 GB was the camera roll, 1800+ pics & movies. I am thinking about turning off backup for this item. There are TONS of free storage sites that will offer to back up photos automatically - Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive,Sugar Sync, AT&T Locker, Dropbox. Most are also limited to 5 GB, but Google Drive is 15GB. I might just use it instead.
Generally when an executive appears to be demoted and put on a "special project," that special project was something he was already in charge of that isn't going well. He is then asked to put his full attention on it. I have seen this a number of times in different industries.
If he did report it, his intentions were probably not bad, although accessing a computer with permission is a crime in the US. Posting on YouTube was a big mistake and makes some form of prosecution more likely. I doubt he had criminal intent, but definitely had poor judgement.
Shortly after he took over , the most annoying ad in the history of television aired. It was a JCP commercial where people screamed at a high pitch. If he ok'ed it, he deserved to be fired.
He is free to innovate. In regards to limitations, the vast majority of people should not be administrators on their own computers. Others will love to change things, program, etc. iPad is a consumer device. I think we will see more management/upgrades done over a network by the system manufacturer in the future. It hasn't worked too well the other way, quite frankly. Those that want to do it themselves will still do so. There will always be jailbreaking and rooting, but...
He had the WORST commercials ever. The one where people are screaming!
In other news, Einhorn voted himself in as Head of the Apple Board of Directors.
I have smartknees and smartankles. They tell me when my shoes need replacing!
A gentleman posted a video a few years ago on "wearable technology." He was using existing equipment. He had it in a glasses type display. If you looked at something, say writing, it would automatically offer to find more information out for you. Same for a UPS code. I believe it was also an "always on" camera and video recorder. The video may have looped after a certain amount of time. It did look like it had potential for new applications.
New Posts  All Forums: